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Take down wires and down wires mean the Staten Islanders without service. Con Edison says the CIA's has been the second worst wind event the utility has had to deal with since Sandy. At last check. More than 220,000 customers were out in New York City in Westchester, mostly on Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Eastern Queens. In New Jersey, P S C and G and in J C. Piano. Combined, are reporting more than a 1,000,000 customers without power. It's not clear that much will change following a federal judge's order requiring all New York state boards of elections to count absentee ballots that we're missing a postmark. But we're still received two days after the June 23rd primary WN I sees Brigitte Bergen says The suit was filed by two candidates who argued that ballots were being unfairly invalidated for missing postmarks. One of the plaintiffs, Raj Patel, who is a candidate in New York's 12th Congressional District, which covers parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Is hopeful that this will help because he's currently trailing Carolyn Maloney abi about 3700 votes, she says. That's unlikely to cause the results to flip. But there are local races around the state that could have different outcomes once all the ballots are counted. 78 degrees. A coastal flood advisory remains in effect until 2 a.m. Mostly sunny and 88 tomorrow. Support for NPR comes from it. Lassie In makers of collaboration software, like Jeron and Trillo, 83% of Fortune 500 companies use it last year to help team stay agile, aligned and connected. Learn more at it. Lassie in dot com. From the center for Investigative Reporting and P R X. This is revealed a mallet. We're continuing our serial American rehab. We've been dedicating the airwaves that revealed to this for weeks. The story of how Americans seeking treatment for drug addiction Have gotten pulled into a form.

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