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Betting and has become more and more popular. So that's growing. And obviously, yes, if you're whether you're sitting and watching a game in the stands, no matter where it fits in the Super Bowl or where else it would be, or sitting on your phone in your house. Yeah, people are going to be the in play betting is going to be huge as it always is and it gets bigger and bigger every year, especially for this game. But yeah, people in the stadium will be able to do so. I hate the endplate betting. That's my downfall. You guys must love it. You guys must clean up 'cause I get crushed every time within play betting. I know you won't say that, but that's got to be. You guys must love the suckers like me for the end play betting. There's people do well. And look, it's a new thing. It's a new thing for betters and bookmakers alike. You know, it's been around for a while, obviously, the European books. It's a new phenomenon basically. In the U.S., you can only bet like at a half time, not after while the game is going on. So, you know, it's a challenge for me, so for bookie and for better alike. But there's definitely opportunity. There's a lot of markets to choose from. And yeah, it just made me something that over time, you get better at just like anything else. Can you get worse? Don't eliminate it completely. Oh, I'm sure you don't want me to eliminate. Last question then I'll let you run. This comes from a user. Whenever I lose a bet or a line looks fishy, I say, what does Vegas know? So please ask him that. What does Vegas know? Well, I mean, the perception is Vegas always knows. It's a big, it's a big line on Twitter. I tweeted out all the time. Vegas always knows. You know what it was Jaguar's chiefs and the Jaguars went flying right through the back door after they had no business and I think I tweeted Vegas always knows. Yeah, no, I heard all the time too. But look, if you take all the sporting events that go on, it's a small fraction that land right on the number very close. There's plenty of opportunities where the spread is not in jeopardy. The spread never comes into play. So there's no hotline to my desk from anybody. I don't know anything. I don't know anything in advance. But I know it's a common line and people love to say that when the games around spread, how did they know? Look, it happens more, it doesn't happen more than it does happen where it's, you know, it gets right on the number in people love to say that, but there's nothing that I know that I have any secrets or any insight information. That's for sure. Just curious, I know I said that was lesbian. But you mentioned, what is the hardest spec hardest? Hardest sport to set odds for. I would say definitely college basketball. Just because of the amount of teams, you know, you're talking over 350 division one teams. You're booking every game. I'm a huge college basketball fan. It's my favorite sport, but it's always a challenge. I mean, look, when you're talking about the NFL, you have 32 teams and we all know them like the back of our hand, but how much do you know Lyndon wood? Texas a and M commerce, these new schools. I mean, you have some new schools going to division one every year. So it's hard to keep up with that many teams. So college basketball is definitely the toughest to book, especially early in the season when you don't know as much about the teams. It gets a little better. Those bookmakers, when you get into conference seasons, we get close to March Madness like we are now. But yeah, college basketball and notoriously the toughest book in my opinion. Got it. Adam Poland from Caesar sports book in Vegas. And of course, the app appreciate you coming on and shedding some light and enjoy the Super Bowl. Do you work Super Bowl Sunday? How long of a day is that for you? It's a long day. I usually go on a little later, but I'm usually working. It is a long day, the interesting part is I don't get to watch too much of the game. You're busy grading prop back. So every play determines a prop that's we want to get those settled to get people to, if they want to read that in play, they're able to. So I always tell people about the only time I get to watch is in the fourth quarter. Obviously, my team's involved this year, so I'm going to try and catch a few more plays and I normally do. I don't get to watch any of the commercials. Everybody asked, do you like that commercial? I'm like, what commercial? But it's a busy day, just in the grading process and settling all those bets while the game is going on. And you know, you get out of there probably around midnight Vegas time once you have done all the settling of all the bets. So it's quite a long day. Yeah. All right. I appreciate you giving us some information here and enjoy the game and go eagles if you're an eagles fan. Thanks, Jimmy. Thanks for having me on. Thanks, Adam. Appreciate it. All right, my thanks to Richard deich and Adam Poland appreciate them joining me on Super Bowl week. So I'll be back next week. If you're not a subscriber, Tessa media with Jimmy trena go into Apple Spotify stitcher, whatever you listen to, hit the subscribe button. We've had some great shows. To close out 2022 and then into 2023 last week, Chris Berman, two weeks ago, Jason McCourty, three weeks ago, Chris long, four weeks ago, tri Aikman, give those a listen and subscribe to the pod and leave a review on Apple will read it in an upcoming episode. All right, enjoy the Super Bowl. We'll see you next week right here on SI media with Jimmy trena. Stay safe and take care. Imagine working on that breakthrough idea of yours, uninterrupted for hours on end. When your job is that demanding, you need to stay focused. Remarkable is a digital notebook with the feel of paper designed for tasks that demand focus. 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