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Michael the bull lazinski how you doing pretty good pretty good just i'm in florida right now they know you're up there san francisco so there's a little distance between us that's okay hey i would just want to go back to your early days you were born in chicago attended notre dame high school and i have a friend who lives in chicago that follows your career and he said you hit a ball in high school that went over three hundred and fifty feet and right then and there everybody said this guy can hit now i'm gonna take it a little further than that in nineteen seventytwo hooton you hit a ball in center field that literally hit the liberty bell which was in the upper deck of old veterans stadium so tell us a little bit about that power you had and tell us a little bit about your young days at notre dame high school well first of all days go you know baseball draft's it just started with a couple of three years before that and obviously most baseball players or high school athletes will you know played board one sports so also playing football and to be honest with you i didn't really think much of of baseball and the interest you know early i mean as as a first one obviously i played the worst of the team and i played a lot of summer with the you know as as i went through my school years i could see you know an interest and interest developing and then i actually signed in sixty eight i was like the love of the country to be picked by us though is in its sixty eight the number one pick and the country was tim foli so the gentleman from the coast well we have quite a few gary matthews was also in there and thurman munson was in that draft so there there there are a lot of quality players that came out while greg vita blue he i want to let our listeners know that i contributed i don't have to face to gossip that limo to give me that one time philly thanks for joining us man pre state that you say there are other guys in in the.

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