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Not giving him the benefit of the doubt not giving a break not letting him show any goodness and damning him completely. So yes something the frankenstein. Mary shelley call it the the the modern Theus so yeah. So i think that's what that's about it's ineffective story is very simple and it cooks down to the end and we get that mounting tension and then the things revealed. Oh yeah the only thing i would say for show as we are told that the ws character was a policeman but not until he's being a policeman so it might have been better if there have been so i'm hinted the beginning that red herring wasn't a saying. Oh it's a woman that was just to throw us off. I wasn't massively convinced by the but if at that point we had some some information that would made us link the character to being a police officer then later on at the end we will go. How when the policemen would have dawned on us. Although it may have dawned on us. And i suppose that is a fourth case. So we've got narrator withhold information we. We may have information that the character doesn't have to and all we might be both into dock but this a one where the the writer the author does not give information but we guess it because about cultural familiarity with this type of story so when the policemen pays some of you will have been saying. What's going on here is not the author. Who's done that for you. You have guessed up because of your familiarity with this kind of story but going back to the point. If we'd been at some point early on that there was some liquid police we would have either big a ha moment. I think i think the reason. Ls hotly didn't do it lp. Holly the only initials didn't do it is because it possibly would collapse the story. We will just guess too much. It would become too obvious. And i think probably couldn't have done not although it would have created a bigger aha because if you give too much inflammation it would have just become playing what was happening. And we would have lost the suspense so yeah. I think there's a good story was recommended by a reader. Listen listening reader viewer. Whoever it was recommended as story story a new and it was nice and short which i like a welcome stories from recommended that i particularly ones. I haven't read. Get loads of those are actually the only issues that some people recommend stories novel and and they're just they're just too long because a novel use something like ninety thousand words it takes. That's something like iraq. In a thousand words is ten minutes so it's ninety thousand minutes which is divided by six days fifteen hours if that was correct..

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