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I there? I'm Jen White today on won a fight for equality. John Lewis was the last speaker at the march on Washington still alive before he died last Friday at the age of 80 CT. Vivian was known as Dr King's Filled General. How might their depths act is a galvanizing force at a moment of national reflection will share your ideas about how the country Khun Best Honor the legacies of both men, and we'll look forward and hear from those ready to carry the torch as ever were looking forward to hearing from you. Email us at one. A. W A. N ew dot org's or tweet us at once. Live from NPR news. I'm Shea Stevens, The Justice Department inspector general is investigating how federal agents dealt with protesters in Portland, Oregon, as NPR's Carrie Johnson reports. The review follows allegations of abuse. Inspector General Michael Horowitz only has jurisdiction over federal agents who work for the Justice Department, which includes the FBI, the DEA, the ATF and U. S marshals. He's going to coordinate with his counterpart at Homeland Security. Horowitz will launch a broad review and have a Justice Department responded to protesters in Portland and at Lafayette Square in Washington. The review will consider the use of chemical agents and rubber bullets. The has called on Attorney General Bill Bar to appoint a special prosecutor to look into alleged civil rights violations at Lafayette Square, but Bar hasn't responded to that demand. Carrie Johnson. NPR NEWS Washington A federal judge is ordering the release of former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen, who's serving a three year sentence for fraud, campaign finance violations. And lying to Congress. As NPR's Ryan Lucas reports, Cohen filed suit challenging his recent return to federal prison. The decision from U. S District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein is the latest twist in Michael Cohen's legal Odyssey. Cohen was released from federal prison to home confinement in May because of concerns about the Corona virus. But then, earlier this month he was taken back to prison after refusing to agree not to speak to the media or published a book a condition of his release that Cohen says violated his First Amendment rights. Cohen is writing a tell all book about his many years working for Trump. Now Judge Hellerstein has found that the government's decision to return going to prison was indeed retaliation for his book and the violation of his rights. And he has ordered that Cohen be released back to home confinement. Ryan Lucas. NPR NEWS Washington Senate Democrats are trying to block President Trump's plan to sever ties with the World Health Organization. NPR's Jason Beaubien has details. Chris Coons of Delaware and Patrick Leahy, Vermont have introduced a bill called the No W H O Withdrawal Act. The bill would block any spending for a U. S departure from the organization. Earlier this month, President Trump notified the World Health Organization that his administration is suspending ties with the group and will formally leave the body in July of 2021. One year notice is required on the original congressional authorization to join the organization. Trump is accused of bungling the global response to Cove in 19 and of being controlled by China. Planned departure of the US has been a major blow to the global.

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