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Let's ride podcast every monday wednesday friday but also all of our other morning shows like the live mike staticky can all of rpm shows that are also simulcast on facebook live in on youtube. All right. let's get right into things. Everyone is excited. I can tell that steeler nation is starting to kind of wake up again as my writer die crew on twitter. I put out the tweet. And i said okay mailbag time. He wants to have some questions. And to my. Gosh there's a lot. Everyone wants to talk about. Melvin ingram and rightfully so in case. You didn't see monday. The steelers were reportedly signing. Melvin ingram on tuesday. That became official. They release two players. They also brought in a tackle formerly of the indianapolis colts instead of bolstering their lineup. A little bit melvin. Ingram is a player that a lot of people are curious about and they asked the question which is how do you think he fits. And the first thing. I want to make sure it's very clear. This is not in any way. Shape or form. Melvin ingram being placed on the steelers roster is not in any way shape or form a demotion for alex highsmith. Not at all just like last season. When alex smith was drafted it was not dude as a demotion for bud to free. This is not a case of you know when the steelers strategies misused during yet sammie coats and martinez frying kind of going back and forth about twitter was not the case. It's not the case now. Either alex highsmith's going into his second year in the national football league in no way shape performance anymore gonna say he's a veteran he's an entrenched starter. He is going to be learning. As the season progresses everyone with a brain in between their ears should know this. And it's it's going to be smart that it is smart that the steelers go went out in found valuable leadership and experience at a position of need. The pittsburgh steelers the two positions. I think most would agree with us. The two positions especially on the defensive side of the football that are glaring when it comes to so thin in the in the depths department. It's outside linebacker and then quarterback but it's different quarterback you have depth is just unproven death in other words. You have occur brown undrafted rookie. You have james beard. We don't know a ton about him based on the fact that he hasn't played that much and then you have some other players justin lane. Even they have depth. But it's unproven death on on the outside linebacker depth chart. That's a different story altogether on the outside linebacker depth chart you have nothing. The coverage is pretty bare. You have obviously t. J. watt alex smith. You had cassius. Marsh in quincy rochet six draft pick from temple slash miami the u. That's it that was it. It wasn't even a potential thing. Yeah quincy rochet. You're like okay. Maybe he got was sixth round draft. Pick for a reason. He's a six round draft. Pick if anyone thought that he was worth more or worthy of a higher slot they would have drafted him. They didn't six round draft pick into the dealer. Said we need to make a move. They released dave decastro. They free up cap space. And you bring in a player who i again. I'm not claiming to be an expert. Here but melvin. Ingram from all accounts that i've read and people that i trust is that he could be the perfect number three tass rusher for the steelers. Let me give you a couple of reasons. Why number one. This is something that i like. How hot is that. He can play both sides. He is not a player that has to always rush from the right or always rushing the left he can play those sides. That is huge. Checkmark number one. Another thing is that melvin. Ingram is experience employs. This guy he's not thinking about someone. Like cassius marsh or you think about ola finian pass. Where did they struggle. They struggled in setting the edge. They just weren't big enough. They just aren't strong enough. That's not melvin ingram. This guy can play the run. He can set the edge. He knows exactly what's asked of him. He will be just finding that department. Kenny rush the passer. Absolutely absolutely in jeffrey benedict. Who does more about football than ideal he talked about his bullrushes is number one..

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