Pandolfi, Dan Smith, President Trump discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


This story but really nobody's watching story it's hopping radio nope and in fact run pandolfi's wife is is actually having a internet um meetings with dan smith and she's the wife of the guy who briefed the president and according to what rhyme put out he helped briefed trump on a certain part of this of of the story and her and wron went to the the the the vatican had a meeting with the pope so these aren't like low level type people he's actually having open meetings and the last one that they had that i attended had fourteen people like nobody's paying attention at ronnie sitting in the room and he's actually the i time you answer a question but he served iq so i called the puppet like you have dance smith is a puppet he's re according to the assistant puppetmaster who is who is runs wife ryan is the puppetmaster he's running this whole thing at people ask questions in the one question we asked was this controversy about stephen greer does stephen greer report to run fend off because this is a source that i trust said that stephen had said that that he was upset that he had to go back to washington and he had to report to rajnath eu up oh the cia ufo desk so the question was asked to him by a producer guy i was on this show and so uh you could hear ryan in the background saying what stories and then the producer reentered the question and ryan didn't say anything and then someone said i think he just got the answer to your question did you deal with with with stephen greer so this is the thing is like ryan is there and they're doing is right in the open he there on the internet and to have these meetings about every two weeks and anybody can go and if you have a question he went ask ron or his wife you asked the question i i watched the chat they and they ask all the questions they don't sometimes sort of walk around questions but they're doing this right knee open and the whole week idaho may have reached six presidents in a row couple of weeks ago friend of mine name bob bigalow was.

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