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Or any kind of real estate, traffic and weather on the eighths back to the traffic center. Now on Jack Taylor. Definite heavy activity remains on the Maryland side of the legend. We've got our accident the feds to on the outer loop. All traffic must divert off the outer loop onto exit 35 to 70 to go north beyond early this morning, a tanker truck hauling liquid asphalt overturned, it's over on the right shoulder. The cleanup as extensive as the liquid asphalt is spilled down onto the roadway slowdowns back near Colville Road. To seventies, looking at North and south, waiting on any work in Rockville to see if it will set up after shady Grove headed down toward 28 15 up in Frederick South between Old Frederick Road in Hanson. Ville Road reports of a roll over accident You may able to end the one lane getting by down in Fort Washington. Watch out on 2 10 down near Swan Creek Road Livingston Road in the intersection. Signals apparently are dark. Unclear if you've got authorities on scene to help direct inside the Beltway north, on the Baltimore Washington Parkway before 4 10, our works known as the Left lane getting by and there's preparation on the A bridge. I think eastbound traffic right now, maybe paused so they can put the cones and barrels down the westbound. Spain has the left lane black. We're going to get some work, probably on the eastbound span. It's usually blocking the left lane. Now you'll find in Virginia. There's work in Vienna westbound on seven. Your Tolson wrote the right lanes taken away the work, causing major slowdowns as this is kind of a getaway, southbound 95. There's a delay in Woodbridge. But the big slow down trying to get into and through Stafford, before you get to 17 and found that the work is in the left lane. There's been a wreck in Ashbourne, south End of the Loudon County Parkway near Russell Branch Parkway, last her taking away the left lane. Now we have work in the district. It's on eastbound Eastern Avenue after D C to 95 taken away the right lane and a crash in Northwest Watch for district authorities. North, um, on Georgia Avenue near Eastern Avenue. You've got the right lane. They're getting by celebrate this weekend, Ashley Homestore's spectacular Stars and Stripes sale. With huge savings save 60% off store wide plus free delivery at Ashley Home Store. Jack Taylor. W T o p. Traffic Kinda changing forecast here with Matt Ritter cloudy today or becoming cloudy depending on where you are. It won't be as hot today. Still very warm, still very humid. More and more showers and thunderstorms arriving west to east through the late morning into the early afternoon house will be in the eighties today..

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