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And he was saying the names of the friends he lost in Afghanistan as he was trying to cross the finish line. They were hit with an I d wow. Because he said he was running for them. Also had their names written on his shoes. Yeah. It's incredible though to watch him. They said the minute he got on the finish line they terminate Bula hospital. I mean, if you've run Boston, or you know about it. It's got hop downhill from Hopkinton. And then you have the heartbreak hill. I mean, just read your legs. It's a really tough course in this guy, obviously to do that. He was not going to not finish. You know, he was going to do whatever you had to do if you have to roll across the line if we ever had a Boston marathon where they've been so many side stories and angles and different things. We're still talking about Rosie Ruiz member, she hopped on the subway or was that New York now that was that was spas. Now that Boston read through the bushes or something she cut off like ten miles. She crossed through like Lord and Taylor like that was the story of of this year. But, but this particular marathon, you mean like we've had so many side stories coming for this one. They raise more money than I didn't know so much charity. Money was raised for a marathon. Really is crazy. I can't even tell you who won. No, I feel. I'm sorry. We had the photo finish. The now is the two guys you want by seconds finish. They were sprinting it was a Kenyan and Ethiopian I think the Kenyan one I will tell you the men are hoping to break the to our time they got close to ours. I think it was two hours and seven minutes chanting to a six so that is nuts. Isn't that? Crazy. House a human capable of that. I ran into fifty two that would be like fifty two. It's an hour. I'd have to come and you were probably flying. Do you run that far? I just don't get that fast. Your bill. Some people are Bill just I can run the same pace for a long time. But I can't run really fast. So if you want to chase even catch me, but but the longer I go the better get some people are built that way. The open. Yeah. That I'm me unless somebody's chasing me slow twitch muscles. No twitch. So that's the website fifty WT AL dot com that Moore coming up to ECU.

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