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And then she went full vice vice even compares it to cause the Liam Niessen of grandma's which is absurd. God you gotta go. Watch the video vices. Got great footage and interviews or some great ones from like. FOX twenty six, which I believe is Houston, Houston, Chronicle's got great quotes from her as well. It was a totally legal kill just for the record, but that does not mean that animal rights group pita is happy about it. Of course, they're pissed off about it. They are all over this Texas grandmother too. By the way that gator was two hundred sixty three kilograms. Keep giving you these metrics these old. What do you call it? What's the other scale use the metric scale? God, man, my this is four deep this week. I'm I'm barely functioning, but I'm enjoying it. Shot it right in the head off it. I don't know. This is one of those things like art. So when I find like a spider in my backyard, I'm like, Aw, man, I gotta get rid of the spider. I don't want to buy one of my dogs or whatever. Typically Taylor will be like, don't kill it. And I'm like, what? What do you want me to do? Relocate it off into the what? How what do you want me to do? Sometimes you just gotta kill. Feel something to keep your home safe or whatever. Not just the way it is. It don't get me wrong. Like pretty often, you know, rather than killing a bug. I would try to capture it and set it free. 'cause I don't have any beef with bugs in general, just I don't want him in my house, but if it's a gator of that size and you think your horse. I think you gotta put a bulletin that things head. I respect the move from from old lady Judy. So, yeah, that's the story of a gator, killing grandma next segment, what is nor McDonald's deal and in I've brought in my friend, Dave rough to to discuss this Whitney, Dave. How are you. I'm doing well. Thanks for having me on again two times in one week, why not? Didn't we talk about normal little the first time to did we did we. I don't know. Nobody really knows it all blends together. We did talk about norm last weekend. Mike is read the week. Oh, that's what it was. Okay. Well. To continue that conversation a little Dave. You know what it was I brought up that you were the person, the other person. I know he's like a huge norm Donald fan and you're the first person I knew who like mainstream supported nor McDonald because he's such a unique in strange dude and not very many people get what he's doing. We've got the point is he's got this new show on Netflix. It's called Norman, Donald has a show and it's talk show like a variety show, kind of it's pretty much the exact same format is his old podcast was if you ever watched or listened to that, the first episode of this, this new Netflix show drops September fourteenth, two thousand eighteen. I've watched a handful of episodes. Now. Five, I believe is how many I've watched and it's very, very good. But the problem is like nobody gets norms humor, very like the I watched the first episode which was special guest, David Spade of. Movies like tomboy or black sheep. That's it. It's the only things you ever did his now. He also shoot me he's in. Yeah, just shoot me did a ton of Adam Sandler movies. Everybody knows David Spade is straight. Does Adam Sandler movies regularly? Yeah. And after the first episode of norm, Donald has show Taylor. Dover means. She was like, what the fuck was that. She's like, I didn't really like it. I was like, oh, okay. Well, let's give it one more. Give it another shot. So the second episode is is drew Barrymore is the guest. And once I had explained to Taylor like the norm McDonald stick basically..

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