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We we gotta. It was a space crater. It was a joint. It was asked so if you could just give us more time one small step for man. Yeah yeah they run back mankind. Yeah this time don't ad-lib at the like we just wanna keep a short so we sent just say the line just as online guys that brings us to the end of a fantastic episode. Clark was so amazing meetings a blast. Thank you for having me lazy. I'm loving all the work that you're doing. Were completely unhinged and everything you do and it's such a pleasure to watch thank you. Thank you for being here. Thanks donating your talent and making me cackle. I needed that today. We always ask them this. Podcast where do you want people to find you. I'm atmosphere clark more on all platforms and my podcast is soul bombed by clark more. It's you can find it wherever you get podcasts. And we're on high. It is right now but we have a backlog of tons of really great interviews with people and we'll have to have you on day soon once we're back back from our little summer break so i love that take a summer. Break a break. My you know you're working so hard you should go in the european vacation model of. I'll see you in september o. That sounds lovely right. I might have to start. Getting a little european ukrainian. Okay gomez vacation but guys congregation as always wanna snitch on your friends. Apparently just make sure your bags retired game got his pine. Go dot com the black lady sketch show streaming now on hbo. Max all episodes. I carly's releasing every single thursday on paramount plus get into everyone find me the ib delays on all platforms congregation. Stay scheming this has been an ear. Will production in association with team coco scammed out of stars and is hosted by me lacey. Mosley aka scam. It's produced by judith. Cargo engineered by marina east and research by kaelin. Brandt stay scheming..

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