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Hello and welcome to another episode of Mixed Memories I'm Jenner's and I met heart speed and we're here with eight about today. S. She's a senior manager of global content marketing at cerrone US sound. So official. Informally Npr Music Live events, digital content manager. Yeah. Thanks for being here. This is the best. I'm really really excited. Thanks for having me. It's so interesting like. To have seen. What you've been doing and your various roles over the years and It's nice to see somebody with like such a point of view. You know not thank you. That's that's really awesome to hear I mean I kind of feel like the exact opposite I feel like maybe it's all those people that work behind the scenes and you're kind of like slow. You feel like you're S- long it to the finish line all the time like of I. You know when I worked on music projects, I am behind the scenes but half of Tyler. In various like. Versions of myself I was like just get him on the stage get him on the state. It's all you WanNa do you just want it? You're looking towards the end, but you're like just on stage so I appreciate I appreciate the time behind the Curtain Yeah That's fair. When did your love of music kind of get started? What's your earliest music memory and do you have particular mix tape memories from way back? Yeah you know the absolute earliest is dancing around the living room with my mom. My you know. I I. Don't know if it's just the patriarchy maybe put that idea in our head, but I always assume that I got my music taste for my dad like my dad was a big record collector you loved music. But in a weird sort of way, I didn't know that my mom loved music as much as my dad did and so. Come to find out I mean those those memories pretty dead on like my I just remember like my mom like holding both of my hands and like dancing me round the living room to different solves in. Like my mom loved Abba and my mom loved wings and they're just certain artists that she loves you put on just. Dance around and I I remember that and then on the other end is I got a little bit older My Dad would go record shopping I grew up in Kansas City in you know they at one time had lake dozens upon dozens of record stores, and like they had a record store district it, it was big like record fanatic kind of. A great place to grow up if you love Vinyl and so my dad always had like vinyl days like hunting days and I remember him bringing over like a crazy and like sliding it next to where he was digging to let me like peak up and see what he was doing. So I mean it was just all around me from a very early age. What is Kansas City and like people good taste in music because I feel like I know so many. You know honestly people don't believe me that you know we had. A. Very early on and you know they touched upon this in the I don't know if you guys watch the country Music Documentary Ken..

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