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Assume listen there's nothing that would make me throughout eighty dollars worth of sushi whore by the way one person eating eighty dollars that's a lot sushi you must have a tapeworm he's skinny you'd wanna eat with them aliens and be just unhinges it's johnny it's all the roth like robert englund and i'm sorry that offends my liberal soul right we've people starving in the world really in a little whiny bitch hof you're going to throw away yeah anyway hey you you're so he left the restaurant and the guys were bartenders said hey steven he's at what he gave them a double bird which i gotta get better double bird is pretty soon as the bartender the owner a bartender at the restaurant he's going to get a lot skinnier food out every time someone flips him off what what did he what does that accomplish jared machines because yes yeah paid for that perfect it's the perfect story perfectly sums up to trump also mitch mcconnell's chase from kentucky restaurant over the weekend yeah chasing you just say thank you is a weight loss plan y'all need a few a couple i was just thinking slowest chase ever slow speed chase like oj someone called internal man okay once again can we say it first of all your civilised showed up your ass yes secondly these does not come which of these things is not like the other stealing children from their families putting them in cages okay taking people's prediction for pre existing conditions okay kind of uncivil all right where was i okay sorry mommy's tottering already it's early okay wait what was i saying i we were on there was a twitter thing you were gonna steffi's world we're just living in it got me off the supreme court thing for a second now i'm trying look shiny squirrel squirrel okay wait this is the tweet of the day scotland in tweets ask your doctor if living through an era of geopolitical upheaval is right for you no no for any of a more why okay between this reading malcolm nance book and also reading jonathan jay got through jonathan chase whole piece in your magazine i really at a time it further underscores he could not be allowed to choose a supreme court justice stuff you need to stop with all this this is like cause you sleepless nights no more no no more no more.

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