Senator Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Jay Inslee discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Let's move on to our top story. There's only five hundred and fifty two days until the presidential election. So let's catch up on the democratic primary race in our ongoing segment. Willed war d. There were now twenty candidates running in the democratic primary race. Which is an insane number. I mean, look at all those faces look at all of those faces. And because there are so many faces many of the candidates are having a hard time getting any media coverage. So they're trying anything to make a splash bell rock went to Yosemite national park to announce a five trillion dollar plan to fight climate change. But no one has heard about it. It's like that old saying if a candidate announces a policy in the forest, and there's no one around to hear it. Then does a bear shit on its meanwhile, John Hickenlooper, he's trying to get people to look at his new trade plans, and Jay Inslee is still trying to convince people he actually exists. He's just like, I swear I'm a real candidate. I swear I was in the picture. They showed on the daily show your sonic, the hedgehog. No, I'm the other guy your LA Eric swallow who's Eric's while out. Exactly, I don't know any of these guys. In fact, it's so hard to get attention right now that Cory Booker was almost run over during a speech, and it barely made the news Senator Cory Booker, his latest speech was interrupted by a minivan that careened into. A building where he was speaking your your House Republicans passed the Bill. We say this was an accident. Senator Booker did go on with the event. Once the building was declared to be structurally safe. Wow. That is crazy. Cory Booker is so boring. He's making people who are not even in the room fall asleep. That woman is just driving posh. She's like what's happening to me. Now, the police were saying this was just an accident. And that there was no ill intense. Although if I was a terrorist and my plot failed. That's what I would also say, yeah, I'll just played off as an accident. It probably happens more than we think I'm sure there's like some guy who tried to blow up Starbucks, and then he's suicide vest failed. Right. Just walked in. I would like a pumpkin spice latte, please. Yeah. Yeah. So many Democrats are struggling to get noticed. Right. But one candidate's has no problem at all. And that's vice presidents and professional tickle monster. Joe Biden yesterday, he kicked off his campaign with a rally outside, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Joe Biden at the first rally of his twenty twenty campaign surrounded by labor union supporters in battleground, Pennsylvania, the major more obliga- of our time is to restore rebuild.

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