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So we had Boehner candidate number one not justified not criminal, but you're excused shooting a guy a prisoner in his cell and accidentally shooting him with your gun when you what you meant to do was pays him. I think. Yeah. That seems a little excessive Boehner candidate number two. It's very rare. So of course, it must be killed a hunter. Turkey of a lifetime. He called it. A very rare white Turkey in Tennessee and. I think he could have let it go. But no shot it and boater candidate number three come on money's money to man trying to buy lottery tickets with movie money and not be very smart about it at all was Kerry suggests you could just go. Oh, wait. I'm sorry. I I, you know, this was the real stuff. I gotta go to my car and get the real Moby right back. Terry has thought about this before the situation? Criminals are stupid and cowardly lot as Batman said. But the winner. Yet had probably the be Boehner candidate number two. It's very rare. So of course, it must be killed. All right. There you go. That's the winner of around to it is now qualified to be Boehner of the day. It'll have to defeat the winner of round ones voting. We'll throw them both into the Boehner dome at nine twenty. That's when you'll decide Boehner of the day with owner fight all right now Dina Marie men's and heiress who's our guest host today because is on vacation. She is. She is a local actress your you've done a lot of stuff. You've got stuff coming up to right. I do. Yeah. I'm going to be doing a play this summer at the blackbox at the Eccles theater downtown Salt Lake with the sting and Honey company. It's going to be a new adoption of Cinderella. So that will be happening in July, and I will get to be the villain. I'll be the evil stepmother. So that was a lot of fun. Yeah. And then you've been in tons of stuff. And you also do the FOX thirteen Dina on the scene. Do I've got an an entertainment segment. That's on good day, Utah, FOX on most weekends seven forty and eight forty AM, and I cover a lot of entertainment events going on locally all through Utah. So really anything can fall under the entertainment category. Let's do a little theater arts sports food. You know, I try to bring a big variety. So yeah, I've got a little a little taste of it for either as he can get. Idea of what it is that I feature we can't call this Dina on the scene because they would sue us right before rush right in welcome. Dana on the scene. See that big music fills right now. It's like a little mad men. Right. So what what are we got? Well, let's big weekend. Right. Because we have Easter we have Earth Day. There's just a lot happening. So the grand spa big ground hotel. They're amazing spa is having a spring social this Thursday at four pm. You can kick things off with fifty dollars. You're fifty dollar tickets. Go get you drinks, light appetizers, a mini. Hydra facial? A facial scan. That's going to read the damage and from there. They can tell you what treatments or products, you should be using or getting or say, there's no hope for you Bill. There's no hope just go home when you are. But.

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