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Coming up on the California report. We talked to a California congresswoman who shares what it was like trying to stay safe as pro Trump protesters stormed Capitol Hill. It's a situation where were very good in our office. The doors locked and it reminds me of when you hear the story. Those school shootings where, you know, kids say I found a room and I looked up, lock the door and I just sat and I waited an eyewitness to chaos in Washington, D. C. I'm Saul Gonzalez that's coming up on the California report. Hello. Welcome to news day from the BBC World Service, With Claire McDonald and James Connell. Four people dead more than 50 arrested. That is the aftermath of last night's storming of Capitol Hill by supporters of Donald Trump. There's a curfew in Washington. Now on in the middle of it'll, Congress continues its hearing to certify Joe Biden as the new president. Both summer on eventful few hours for you. The next half hour, First of all, the latest world news Baby. See News, where Jerry Smith, the two chambers of the US Congress, or working into the night to complete right certification of Joe Biden's win in the November presidential election. Hours off. The clashes on Capitol Hill left four people dead. Lawmakers were taken to safety when the conflict was overrun by mob incited by in President Trump's unproven claims about a rigged election. Syria's of objections to Mr Biden's victory have Bean overruled. Debate in the House of Representatives is continuing. The outgoing majority leader of the Senate. The Republican Mitch McConnell, has said he does not expect any more votes challenging the results there. Violence in Washington has caused shock and condemnation across America on around the world. Barack Obama said Wednesday's events brought great shame on America. U N Secretary General Antonio Guterres earns respect for the rule of law. Social media. John's Twitter and Facebook have logged President Trump's accounts, preventing him from being able to post Twitter has removed three of the president's tweets, which is had violated its policies and have given the account a 12 hour suspension. Yeah. In other news, the Democrats have taken control of the U. S. Senate after runoff race in Georgia. For the first time since 2000 and nine the party will control both houses of Congress victory that should make it easier for Joe Biden to advance his legislative agenda. The Japanese government is to announce the new state of emergency for Tokyo and surrounding areas to combat record levels of Corona virus infections. And officials in northern Afghanistan. Saley six soldiers have been killed in clashes with Taliban militants in the northern province of condo's. The latest attack came hours after the representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban resumed peace negotiations. Indo Heart Baby saying use An insurrection and national shame. Domestic terrorism descriptions being used for the last few hours in America in Washington, pretty strong ones. Indeed, this is news day on the BBC World Service on the storming of the Capitol building by a violent mob loyal to President Trump took place on a day of protests throughout downtown Washington. Throughout it. Our correspondent Barbara Plant, Usher followed Trump supporters demanding that the election be overturned Constitution Avenue on a very chilly day. There are a lot of people out here. Many of them are wearing caps and shirts that say, Make America great again. Almost no one is wearing a mask, though, but a lot of them are waving trump flags that's in you. My name is William Wells. And I'm here to stand up for Donald Trump..

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