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Management ob advertisers on knittle welcome to the work in to report this is theresa kennedy said nam poor willie jones we had a very very excited to show for you all this morning this thanksgiving he and joining me this morning i have attorney regina quinn good morning good morning um as we shared on our social media and we share thuraya's glass we have two candidates who are in the runoff are heinz county attorney join us right now we have mr malcolm here good morning good morning the morning um mr harrison we know that you are one the runoff of on november seven and we're facing a special election runoff on november twenty eight health for listening audience we just tell us a little bit about yourself would let you promote jomaa's malcolm harrison and on november seven our would i came in with the most votes uh however i did not get toss warm there is a roll off in their use tuesday narmer 28th two thousand seventeen in on tuesday novermber twenty two thousand seventeen i'm asking you listening alyas who live in hands county to go and we elect me as your hands county prosecutor returning i'll just to tell you a little bit about myself i am a graduate of blackburn junior high school pro von high school and the i love jackson state university and i'm so glad we below this weekend i must say in so many there was a longtime komen power of uh uh to all arkhan knight who live in hans county i want you to go to the polls irri me has carrying prosecuting i was first elected as your hands came prosecuting attorneys in 1999 and i served in that capacity from 1999 into two thousand lives so i'm the only one in the race the his ten years of actual experience prosecuting cases and i was doing such a good job air your hands kind prosecuting attorney the i was appointed by the governor to be a supreme court judge an asset for the election now lost regardless good and so are returned to the.

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