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Bills still has a long way to go before becoming law jeff pohjola komo news komo news time 534 komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's what a nightmare in downtown seattle such as struggle here's marina it really is highway ninety nine as you come off the aurora bridge that's going to be solid all the way down to the viaduct energy keep going down to the stadiums we do have the left lane closed between to any way in south of royal brome way this is opperman url the aircraft that involved a box truck on the viaduct southbound i five is also solid so that's going to be stopandgo traffic from northgate through downtown seattle we've got slowdowns westbound 520 because of those southbound punching out the southbound on i five so it's going to be heavy on 520 from 84th across the water to i5 westbound i90 also slows you from west mercer way over to the amount bigger tunnel to i5 southbound 405 very difficult problem 520 through bellevue down to newcastle in bellevue the off ramp to northeast 8th is blocked with a disabled vehicle northbound i five is a rough one through lynnwood and up to about one sixty fourth then heavy again as you approach highway 2 northbound 405 that's a much heavier now from 520 you had up through kirkland your next look at traffic at 544 marina rockinger komo news komo forecast now steve deal we shall have some showers out there and it's still leaning on the cool side but it looks like we're going to get a little bit of a break throughout the nighttime hours so our overnight low temperatures are going to be somewhere in the thirties to the low forty in the highest tomorrow should be just struggling to get into the mid to upper 40s will continue to see some showers but also have some sun breaks as well so all in all its not not a bad day coming our way there's changes coming for the weekend though in the form of more raigmore snow in the mountains and might be kinda get kinda windy to the komo.

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