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We, only got couple of more accomplishment. We only got a couple of minutes left, but I. Know that Bill Russell Sitting in the studio with me. When we were talking about his relationship with wilt, there was a deep affection that these two men had for each other, after their careers were over with and off the court now I I don't know whether it was that way when they were playing each other, but I know that bill told me that he really cared for wilt and vice versa, and matter of fact, just before he passed away, will that he was had him on a list of to call him and everything. There was that deep feeling for each other wasn't there John? Well I. A lot of these athletes look back on things with of rose colored glasses, and if you've had troubles, you WANNA, put them behind you and focus on the positive, and in his later years Russell and Chamberlain Did become quite good friends and Russell was very upset by a Chamberlain's death, but they had a very complicated relationship encore. They were incredible competitors while they were both playing they can. They pretended to be friends. They would socialize it. Go to each other's houses for dinner, but each of them. also kind of. You know. Thought that they were on pre shaded, compared to the other and so there was some tension in the relationship then. It was interesting. Right after the climactic nineteen sixty nine finals, which sort of conclude the rivalry. Russell was very critical of something Chamberlain did. In the last minutes of that game. He took himself out because of a minor injury that affected the outcome of the game got about thirty seconds John. Chamberlain was so upset the two of them. Didn't speak to each other for twenty years, but then a few years before. Chamberlain died, they did have a reconciliation became quite good friends and You know as Russell said Chamberlain. Funeral. They're bonded together for eternity, and yes, they are John. Thank you very much. It's a great book. I'm looking forward to reading it. We're GONNA. Make a selection of the month on our sports. BYLINE USA book owner Take Care John Thank. You John Taylor and you may want to check out this book. It's called the rivalry Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain and the Golden Age of basketball and I know in the years that I've spent with bill. He did at least in the later years. Talk very fondly of wilt, chamberlain, we'll take a break. Come back on the other side. Continue.

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