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Residents are getting fed up since January. Columbus Police have investigated the most homicides on the East and South East side 26 murders. I think it needs to stop. He's been going on too long, like every day is someone that's dying Clintonville, the only precinct that has yet to see a homicide so far this year. The city already on pace to break last year's record breaking number of 175 homicides. 25 of the city's murders this year have been on the West side, police say. July is typically a tough month for homicides. To the heat and humidity. State Highway Patrol will be out in force is holiday weekend, troopers will be stepping up traffic enforcement till Monday night in the hopes of taking impaired drivers off the roads, according to the patrol. During the 20 24th of July holiday weekend, troopers made 432 beers and there were 24 fatal crashes in Ohio with 25 people dead troopers will be visible to all drivers who are encouraged to buckle their seatbelts, watch their speeds and put the phones down. There's no red, white and boom tonight. But if you're itching to see some fireworks, some central Ohio communities scheduling their own displays. Residents in Grove City, Buckeye Lake Granville, Pick Ringtone, Reynoldsburg and Whitehall will all be treated to fireworks tonight. Other communities across central Ohio scheduled their fireworks displays for Saturday and Sunday night. I'm Scott Jennings stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour, 30 minutes past and his news breaks sunshine High of 76 this afternoon mostly clear in 60. Now I want to introduce you the Thundercats technology. Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider of I T solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity. Infrastructure, unified Communications and cloud technology verticals Thundercats, not just a reseller. They are trusted Advisors for businesses and their clients. Find out more thunder cat tech dot com. Thunder cat tech dot com. Here's David Snell with needs heating and air. Some years ago, I met with the family in Northern Virginia who needed to replace their H V. A C system when we had narrowed If you're good enough for blue, you're good enough for us. When can we get this done? This interaction truly change my mindset on what people wanted in a contractor, and it's partly what inspired needs to be founded. Here's.

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