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Mean he's got obviously a public intoxication thing from earlier in february but how concerned do you think teams are going to be or in some ways do you think they actually not to show off they don't like the arrest but today like the fact that he goes in plants the oh you flagged ohio state after they win and that he shows the fiery nece on the sideline other you word i mean again came restaurants with abp if there taking them i they're saying they're rationalising that and the fiery no some and if they don't take them they're saying we don't want attitudes uh listen menzel one first round joe mix and run second round we know these teams fake they compartmentalize well when they really like a player i don't know what the pure scouting report on may is at this point taken away the offfield issues you know but if the team wants some they want them and they'll rationalize those things as being fiery and he never assaulted anyone and he never had drug issues or whatever it is but i would think they're gonna be some teams that really like them and all that stuff is gonna be euphemize if you will get into fiery competitor we liked that blah blah we appreciate your comments mensa's more widely do enjoy the rest your weekend jawa's fiery uh uh i'm glad he enjoyed some pilot thanksgiving andrew pigs on a treadmill talking to breathe heavy at in shape question how coughlan at the resting heartbeat of like john daly is like it was like ridiculous like that where the corporate weeks ago remember called us from the treadmill that's true and you actually that was a risk for you because he's happy a lot of things could been but go ahead let me just ask what only the guy was treadmill variety there would have been it would have been strange that's exactly what else gets isn't willing to do that time for those aged twenty mostly insightful thoughts of the week obtain 140 forty carry cursor less needs maggie tweaks of the weak points he could go time maggie you had good mama's earlier in your wakeup call many pack yeah teachers boxing match up with conor mcgregor happy thanksgiving at the notorious abc stay fit my friend hashtag real boxing match hashtag at two thousand eighteen god bless us all i mean he's not doing it i will not do it again they're ball i mean one shot.

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