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Is you see basketball from Lear Field, I MG College for three full on 700 wlw, the home of the bear Cats. Tonight For the first time in 25 days, we have bear cats basketball to look forward to after six straight postponements due to covet 19 the cat's return to the court tonight as they take on the temple Owls in Philadelphia. Thank you So much for tuning in. I'm Dan Horde alongside Terry Nelson and Mohagher. It is great to have you with us for our coverage. Bear cats. Basketball, Terry. The good news is the bear. Cats are back tonight. The bad news is, we have no idea what to expect tonight. The bear Cats will not be at full strength. We know that at least one walk on Is expected to play tonight. But coach Brandon would prefer to wait until closer to tip off before sharing those details with the temple Owls. We do know they've only had a few five on five practices over the last 3.5 weeks. What are some of your biggest concerns tonight? First and foremost the continuity, you know, very little five on five action guys that normally sit on the sideline and practice and now the main sources of practice and and doing thing. That's what you're gonna have some funky lineup today. Secondly, I don't want them walking around here looking like isles. You know, the wide eyed somebody gets back door cut. They're saying who you know whose fault is this? Whose fault I need them to come out and just be patient and what they're doing. Move. The ball left the right make it look a little bit like practice because they all compete hard in practice, but also play free because they're not going to get yanked out. If they'd do something that they do, They're gonna go right back in the game. Cincinnati comes into the game of the record of three and seven. The temple Owls are four and five temple like Cincinnati has had Over 19 issues this year, But there's came at the beginning of the season. They only played one non league game. They had trouble getting on the court to begin the season. They have been playing regularly of late. Whereas Cincinnati was able to play early in the season and again has had six consecutive games postponed much more to come, including news on who's available tonight, and what walk on our walk ons might play well know that closer to a tip off In any case, we'll take a time out when a pregame coverage continues its tea time. With thine l You're listening to bear cat basketball. Presented by you. Crate on NewsRadio 700 wlw, Would you send affords Ego sport extravaganza begins.

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