The House, Oregon, Cody discussed on The Confessionals - Episode 39: When Life Hits From The Shadows


So we had the pastor and his wife come in and do like a spiritual cleansing and they anointed the house oils and um prayed over the house and after that we didn't have too many more problems in that home but then at after that in two thousand twelve i had moved back two oregon here and i got divorced in so then i was single for a while and then i had met my husband i current has been now cody and when we got married we went to virginia city two for honeymoon and when we were there we went on they have tour an evening tour were you walk through the town with uh in that ghost readers emily went through uh the delta queen the fill the silver queen hotel we went through there and and i i didn't catch him but going through there anything but then at the very end of the tour a kick us in front of this old store and they had told us that um we had in the areas where a little girl was killed she got run over by a wagon and they said that her presence is still there and that if we they gave three of us it was too late myself in another dow and a gentleman had the yeah mac readers a said if you talk to her so we had all kind of talk to the little girl and my machine with lighten up like crazy and the other gal hers was lighting up but the gentlemen his his was barely doing anything.

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