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With how people move and their manas and their voice maybe than how they look but i guess what i see a picture i can solve tough someone's gay gavin macinnis go into trouble recently because he said that michael wolff the author of fire and fury the semifictional account of the of the of the trump campaign and white house m bannam was there they had a gay face so should be trusted he said milo and chadwick more a great homosexuals michael wolff as michael of as a gay faith in their notorious for something or other i dunno i think he was just on one of his funny rifts in the of the gay pressed took it very seriously i kind of feel like i can usually tell from a picture of someone's gay and maybe something in the back of my head some kind of evolutionary instinct or some kind of process of which i'm not fully conscious are fully aware is picking out queues left for me by their genetics by the way and so this stanford researchers saying that they're a artificial intelligence system can make measurements of the ratios between different facial features and tell with the reasonably high degree of accuracy whether somebody is gay of course people are very upset about this because i experts from google in princeton have studied the findings and they say no it's nothing to do with that this software actually relies on something else it's patents of how homosexuals and heterosexuals take self these so it's not about your facial architecture its presumably because gay people do the my space angle because they know that you're hotter from like 15 degrees up straight men just like take pictures from there from their laptop cameras down here.

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