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Of medicine is set for Sunday may seventeenth at eleven AM Georgetown says there will be more details about these events on its commencement website in a few days there have been nearly one point one million cases of the virus across the nation since the outbreak began with more than sixty five thousand deaths today the U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds and navy blue angels will conduct joint flyovers over DC and Baltimore to salute health care workers and for transponders the flyovers will begin in Baltimore at eleven thirty this morning and in DC at eleven forty five a Drug Enforcement Administration agent in Florida is being accused of stealing supplies critical to the fight against corona virus has shortages on materials like personal protective equipment hamper the U. S. response to the pandemic special agent Javier Hernandez allegedly nabbed P. P. each year as well as toilet paper and batteries from a storage facility in Weston near fort Lauderdale a telecommunications specialist has also been accused of stealing materials from the warehouse but it's not clear if the two were acting together the DEA is declining to comment on the allegations China is seen as an enemy of the U. S. by forty two percent of Republicans a new poll out by the economist and YouGov found twenty seven percent of all Americans see China as an enemy opinions were sharply split along party lines with only seventeen percent of Democrats believing the country's an enemy a further forty percent of all Americans agreed that the country is on friendly the only country a clear majority of Americans described as an enemy was North Korea with fifty six percent although nearly half felt the same way about Iran and thirty one percent believed Russia is an enemy the poll's margin of error is plus or minus three percent the CDC finds that parents who fall behind on their kids vaccinations often fail to catch up and some parents now or skipping appointments because of coronavirus concern this is Dominic is scary and it's even scarier when you have a young infant mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro know some parents concerned about corona virus are skipping kids appointments we chose to stay on schedule because it's really important three month old deacons vaccinations are up to date you have never know what may have been like if people are not vaccinating the measles are going to be on the rise or walking cough Dr Tony Thompson to Adams of TLC pediatrics we need to bring your baby and for their well check out assessments and the immunizations Kristy king WTOP news coming up in money news a rough Friday wipes out the week stock gains six fifty four during this extended health crisis emergency plumbing needs still arise when the plumber understands many of you will have unforeseen plumbing needs and we're here to help as important as your plumbing needs may be these days your health is an even bigger concern in order to assure that your health and the health of our technicians is protected we are taking.

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