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I'm not sure if the bears were playing in the afternoon, or whatever, but I flipped over and saw the saints were playing the eagles, and it was forty one to seven and drew Brees had a fourth down was dropping back to throw to Alvin Kamara. And they said what the hell is going on. And they scored a touchdown and was forty eight to seven was the final these two teams meet again, what do you expect from this one? Do you expect the the eagles to remember what happened there and the last couple of weeks the saints offense seemed to struggle? Do you expect those struggles that continue I don't for them? I don't expect it to look like that for whatever reason this eagles teams omitted the bring in they bring in the reliever Nick foles things change for them around the postseason, but I expected to be closer. Clearly, you heard the comments from Jason Peters and some others. They were very cognizant. Of what was happening or what they thought was going on there with the saints running up the score. But no, I expect the saints offense to home I expect the saints defense to be the difference. And I expect alva- Kamara Mark Ingram to be the mitigating factor when it comes to how you slow down. There's eagles pass rush that has really been the catalyst for this entire run. Obviously, Nick foles has been sensational story back to back postseason, even if it ends now, it's still unbelievable. What this guy has managed to do when he's gotten run at the end of the season. But I look at Fletcher Cox, I look at Chris long. I look at the rest of that defense, and especially the defensive line that's been able to step up to the plate with the secretary has been battered and beaten for the entire season. We know they're on sin bodies back on that end of the field. But that defensive line has been so dominant, especially on the interior where we go pass rushers or at such a premium right now, can you get that on the other side from the saints who when healthy have been one of the better off at the live in the NFL? There's been a lot of change up. On that line for health reasons the times, but when they've got their crew out there I trust that group about as much as any of the NFL. Okay. One last thing we would be remiss if we did not ask you Chuck Pagano comes in is the defensive coordinator, replacing Vic Fangio, what are your initial thoughts? I'm not forgotten coming here in Chicago. Listen, if I'm Chuck Pagano. I am happy. You know, what you handed that guy every tool that you could ever want as a defensive coach we obviously remember his time in Indianapolis. And I think they're good solid coach. But this is one of those situations where you come in. And and certainly Chuck Gano is established enough as a coach he's gonna come in. And he's gonna run things his way we also don't screw too much up like this unit will that turn the ball over at this rate again next year, you cannot count on that as a sure-fire thing. But what you can't count on every level. You've got young players who are either in that first contract or that you've locked up for a little while. And you've got such a strong foundation coming back, and you wanna make sure again that continuity is important don't give these guys too much to think about don't give you guys too much change that ultimately slows them down that keeps them from being the best version of themselves. So Chuck Pagano should be doing cartwheels somewhere. Getting the news that he has the privilege of coaching the bears defense, Mike, we really appreciate jumping you leave Chicago. After a couple of beers, a finding. Experience and your hamstrings are intact. Exactly, no ice hub trips for me, guys. All calling it a win. There you go. Thanks a lot will be listening tomorrow. Thanks awesome. Thanks, Mike Golic junior a nice enough to jump on. And he'll he'll get he'll probably get torched a little bit tomorrow. I mean, look he gave a good good. The worst thing while his dad. Someone would have made it if like ten people would have made it they probably would have been like, dude, right? What what are you doing since? Everybody men's everybody missed and given the elements. I thought he did a good job talking with Todd towards the end the president at goose island, and we're like, so what are you going to do next year? And I suggested we'll every time. A Chicago team loses to just replicate what it is. So if if the bulls lose on a last second three you have to have people come take a three point shot. Okay. The cubs lose by not turning a double play. You have to have people. Come and try to turn a double play. And whatever it is. You just have to somehow keep this going because they've gotten the momentum. You have to build off the momentum of this somehow. We'll just think if they would have had this at the start of the season they would have had people after the game one trying to catch a pass thrown after Kyle fuller dropping interceptions back. Yeah. Hey counselors brother plays for one of the teams last night. Right. Kendall. Kendall fuller. Am I chiefs? I believe. Okay. It was funny because they were they they do the little thing. And they all say their names and everything like that. I looked at it looked. He looked exactly like Yahoo. Yeah. Right. That's why that's why I thought it was him. And it's nice that one of them. Just imagine the nice family. He got he got Bolton both of them in the playoffs. And I know there's another brother to there that can get in played in the very cool. Always fascinating to me. Because it's like if you ever read outliers by Malcolm while like he talks about a like like, how do you get that? Right. Like how do all hockey players? Great hockey players. Come from like one name. Yeah. Part of Canada. Right. It's it's very unique. How that stuff works? It's clearly based on bloodlines, right? Like, how do you get you manning Peyton Manning after Archie manning? Cooper played college football. Okay. Well, why do you have to be that guy? Cooper. How do you think those thanksgiving dinners go it's they're expensive? And he's he's glad that they're treating did you would have paid manning yesterday by the sun. Yeah. Some was there for the for the game. Yeah. His son went down in Rams gear. Right. Yeah. He wore wisely girly in the first half and Donald the second half. He brought to Jersey's change. So you know, that was nice. This is a stat. And I know this is just a guy on Twitter posted it. Trubisky versus Mahomes first playoff game. God this guy. Some guy tweeted me the link. Like the the game ended troopers were calm. I know how to end this. Okay. Read the final scores of both games knows moving on sixteen. Fifteen eagles and thirty thirteen colts. Mahomes was sacked four times at eighty five point two quarterback passer rating if the bears had Patrick Mahomes, they would've seen his passes yesterday. A couple more. One where there was a guy standing in front of him. And he threw it around. It was unbelievable. What's the movie where they curve the bullets when they shoot they? They throw the arm and then they the bullet like curves actress. Sure. What does that move? It was like really cool time natural curve baseball yesterday. It's a baseball movie that old people always. Scott. What's called wanted? Yeah. Patrick Mahomes was. The alternate. The Rick and Morty alternate time line the alternate universe. The bears have Patrick Mahomes, and they won the playoff game. That's what the line suggests. Can we do this? We've got a couple of minutes. Were yesterday that he was hurt. His came down on the helmet of the other guys. Okay. Can we do this for a second? Yeah. Go ahead. All the Trubisky troopers now, listen he was good this year. I agree. He was good. He was if he was better in the playoff game. They probably wouldn't that playoff game. We can get into that. If y'all want to do that. But can we also get to this every person who will feels the need to defend Mitch Trubisky toll until the end of time you ever notice that all they can do is quote, you stats and some of the stats that they quote aren't even relevant. Like, no one's ever saying. Did you see this? I think this. I think that it's always well if you look at this stat he's ranked twelfth in QBR, and he must be the best of all time. And I don't know the the brilliance to sports is that we take the stats. We take our eyeballs we match them together if it matches and they overlap together, and it looks right. Then we say, yeah. That guy's probably pretty good. Not at all times. The eyeball test doesn't match with Mitch. Bisky? And that's where the questions lie. We get it. He has a good completion percent. We get his QBR was fantastic. We understand that the offense to pop the points that they need who gets blamed for that. It's not Trubisky apparently because he has this QBR that I'm unaware of. So like when you want to have the conversation take both put them together. That's why Mahomes is so crazy is because the eyeball test tells us he's probably elite, and he's probably something we've never seen before. And the numbers back it up. Do you think they're comparing if you're gonna compare quarterbacks comparing Trubisky to Gough is better than comparing him to Mahomes absolutely one yesterday when he didn't perform that? Well into a lot of great stuff through a couple of passes over the middle and completions which Mitch is done in the past. Sure, you know, he didn't do anything special yesterday. I didn't think we didn't. Then where some numbers in the sun times. This probably comes to your your point Trubisky. This year improved in every major statistical category from his rookie year. Would you would expect them to do different? Actually throws the ball. Right. And I'm also waiting for the kicker that every every Trubisky supporter has to bring out that's the greatest embarrassed history. Yeah. I don't have that one. But he he didn't draw four games, but three of them could have been. But you know, what they weren't? You can't say, hey, this guy through six almost interceptions. He has the highest what it's called possible turnover rate. So there was that list came out, I believe two weeks ago from it was a pro football, focus. Okay. Ranked the quarterbacks they did their final quarterback ranking, and he was towards the bottom, and they said it was because of probable turnover rate that means is are those almost interceptions those dropped interceptions, those balls that are overthrown underthrown that could be picked basically he he's been lucky because when you are the leader in that category. It means that the defenses are not taking advantage of the mistakes you're making the top because he's got the third best QBR in the league. No is he at the bottom because he has the most intercept probable intercepted rate. No he's somewhere in the middle. This ties into that. By the way, I really liked pro football, focus when it suits me. But I also remember the pro football focus also has age rename us is the best strong safety strong safety to ever play the game. And that is why Fred you are pro football focus truth because. Yeah. Okay. So by. But they're, but they're metrics. Yeah, it's bad. But also Trubisky is also the worst quarterback in the league. Ninety five point four passer rating sixteenth you tried to buy metal sixteen smack dab in the middle. And that's a good stat..

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