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Are confirmed for deaths the condition occurs whenever skied all bytes an infected bird and then the bites a human or animal now the Rasheeda to leave nor police chief Greg are backing down on their positions of how Detroit police use facial recognition technology to leave told Craig during a visit to police headquarters that only blacks should be employed to work on facial recognition identities because she said non blacks think all African Americans look alike if I had made a similar comment people would be out rage the call from resignation to leave says facial recognition is racist this is not something that you know I'm I'm coming from a thin air I wanted to show him that this process is flawed and it can lead to people being mistakenly arrested detained convicted the police board of commissioners approved the use of the technology last month former Dallas police officer amber Geiger sentenced by a Texas jury to ten years in prison after finding her guilty of murder for walking into a neighbor's apartment thinking it was hers and shooting and killing the man inside bottom John the victim's mother says the family accepts the sentence yesterday we saw the conviction of amber guy go. and to date with the sentence of ten years in prison. back ten years in prison is ten years for her reflection and for her to change her life the ten year sentence set off protests demonstrations in Dallas Nancy Pelosi says president trump is scared of impeaching I think the president knows the argument that can be made against him and he's scared and so he's trying to divert attention from that too well we're standing in the way of legislation her interview will be on Good Morning America trump says the investigation is going in the wrong direction in I believe nineteen ninety nine there was a corruption actor corruption bill passed between both and side between both countries. well I have a duty to report corruption and let me tell you something Biden's son is corrupt and buying is corrupt a military training exercise at camp Shelby Alaska left at least twenty two paratroopers injured when they landed in trees authorities don't know what went wrong during the night John fifteen were treated by medics in the field seven transported to local hospitals none are thought to be of ain't nature which would be life threatening don't Johnny's time six thirty. they are world market updates sponsored by mother wattles donate your car to mother Waddell's help the poorest of the poor call three one three Waddell's Asian markets are mixed London is flat DOW futures are up slightly for W. J. R. news I decay for more with Kevin dates in two minutes one hundred years ago the Detroit symphony opened orchestra hall with the fifth symphony.

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