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Republican candidates have been telling me for as long as i can remember that they want to overrule roe v. Wade they want to appoint justices who will overrule roe. V wade on. There are six justices on the supreme court right now who have said in their own writings in one form or another that that they disagree with current abortion press president some of them said explicitly. They want to overrule roe. V wade but there are six justices who have said in their precedents that they think that cases like and casey were wrongly decided. And i believe that you know i believe donald trump when. He told me that his justices would vote to overrule roe v wade. I believe the justices who've been saying in dissenting opinions for many years that they would overrule roe v wade. I believe that when justice barrett signed a letter while she was still a law professor attacking abortion rights. And you know and saying that you she she should work to get rid of abortions that she was telling the truth. You know the only thing that i'm doing here and again like i could be surprised. I shouldn't speak with absolute certainty. But i am taking them at their word. My guest is ian mill heiser. Who covers the supreme court for. Vox this afternoon. After we recorded the interview the justice department announced it's filing a lawsuit to challenge texas's restrictive abortion law. We'll hear more of my interview with ian millhauser after a break. I'm terry gross. And this is fresh air. Let's get back to my interview with ian mill. Heiser who has been writing about the recent supreme court order allowing restrictive texas abortion law to go into effect. He's also been writing about the courts. Voting rights decisions the increasing use of the shadow docket and the courts. Larger moved to the right in his new book. The agenda how a republican supreme court is reshaping america. He writes that while congress has become increasingly polarized and dysfunctional. The supreme court has become the locus of policy making in the us and the policies are largely conservative. Three of the six conservative justices were appointed by president. Trump millhauser says some of the courts least understood and most arcane decisions are fundamentally reshaping our nation. He's a senior for. Vox where he focuses on the supreme court the constitution and threats to liberal democracy in the us. Millhauser is a lawyer and clerked for judge of the. Us court of appeals for the sixth circuit. So if the supreme court either.

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