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I think he's frustrated because Pete, this guy everyone around him is in some way corrupt or rotten bill bars is completely compromise. Look at where he comes from look where he was look at what he was doing the in different administrations make. His his father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach you some bogus class in his school. So who knows if bill bars going to actually send anyone down the river? Wild. That's wild, but it's also good. Go podcasting lots of stuff on Sunday. In fact, they will give you a go podcasting update journal have something educational. And BERYL FULLA laughs. Oh by the way was Shannon petty piece, the reporter for NBC who asked the question so we'll have to look into her. We've got nick the Rach coming up name for radio, Sagrada. Also a good spy name. KNICKKNACK. Coming up. After the show. If you're still if you're listening to US live on no agenda Stream, we have Chris Wilson whose back who brings us a beautiful song will kick that off in a moment. we have Jesse Koi Nelson and. We are so many submissions today Mr Miyake's wild ride. New Entry into the mixers coming to you from opportunities thirty three here in the Frontier Austin Texas capital Dethrone Star State St Marijn number five on the governmental maps in the morning everybody I'm Adam Curry. And from northern Silicon Valley I can tell all outsiders stay out of California. Do yourself a favor of John C divorced we return on Sunday right here on no agenda please remember us at the dot org slash a support for the Sunday show until then..

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