Commissioner, Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones discussed on Bloomberg Business of Sports with Scott Soshnick and Michael Barr


Reality is that the commissioner works for us but he said make no mistake nobody nobody tells david stern what to do and are you referencing be tom brady punishment these you kill elliott punishment because it would seem that roger goodell would not want to get on the wrong side of robert kraft and jerry jones those are two very in fluential owners in that group i mean you could not being on the anti you could paint though there in a couple of different wave and i think it is obvious that he doesn't want to get on the wrong side of bamako him being willing to do and those who are a couple of his biggest supporters from day one emperor the rupp time betty hey so it team that kind of backing out on it own but you can also potentially make the argument that but there's another can pick like that he is looking to plea that point without being on antivoa tarqumiyah toco but be the move that i could not imagine the roger goodell that i knew from by two thousand ten time i could imagine him taking the type of move unilaterally without consulting with with john been crap and getting their approval would themes like even taking crying at least to pick them control of the league and we'll see what happened going forward who the rapid owners get behind up next we continue our conversation with the former president of the nfl players association dominy foxworth he ways it on on the challenges for the nfl when it comes to international expansion if not an international game and you could argue that it is extremely oversaturated and and they're trying to any potential growth wherever.

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