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Flynn plumbing. Maybe lonzo's lawyer says the WikiLeaks founder will fight his extradition to the US following his arrest and London Thursday morning. Karen capable reports. Julian Assange will remain in custody until at least may second when an extradition hearing will take place. Assange arrested in London Thursday and charged in the US with one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. The Justice department in a press release said the indictment alleges that in March two thousand ten Assange engaged in a conspiracy. With Chelsea Manning. A former intelligence analyst in the US army to assist. Manning in cracking a password on classified DOD, computer systems outside the courthouse in London and attorney for the WikiLeaks, founder said Assange was thankful to his supporters and we'll fight extradition to the US. Karen, Keva Washington lawyer for a paralyzed man says his client is destitute after attorney Michael still most of his four million dollar court settlement thirty-six count federal indictment charges of ninety with wire tax and Bank fraud of ninety deny stealing from clients. Former oil industry lobbyists will now lead the department of the interior. The Kenyan explains vote to confirm David Bernhardt was mostly along party lines with West Virginia Democrat, Joe Manchin, one of the exceptions based on my extensive discussion with him and my review of his record. I believe Mr. art is qualified to serve a secretary. But democrat Bob Menendez argue burn hearts conflicts of interests made him profoundly unqualified during his time. As acting secretary has gained a reputation. And as general in the Trump administration's war on science, David Bernard is a former oil industry lobbyist who has already played a central role in designing many of President Trump's policies for expanding drilling and mining Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill. Suspect is in custody facing charges in connection with those fires that destroyed. Three black churches in rural Louisiana suspect. Holman Matthews says the son.

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