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That's a label that would subject facebook to actual oversight and regulation and to label. The company has long long resisted for the world. I'm lydia mainly due in boston and might be a good time to mention that you can connect with us on facebook. We're at the world ever had got a noisy neighbor. Who keeps you up and france. Some folks. Were complaining about maurice. He's a rooster who will meet visual t._v. Let's french lawyer says his client has nothing against roosters per se but keep it down. Should a rooster be allowed to just be a rooster french courts way m still ahead here on the world. Uh i'm marco werman and you're with the world we're co-production of the b._b._c. world service w. g._b._h. Boston sten p._r._i. N._p._r. rex. Let's return to a store that topped headlines last month. Kashmir india's only muslim-majority state the indian constitution in had guaranteed it substantial economy but in early august india's hindu nationalist government revoked kashmir special status to try and suppress unrest delhi. Impose communications locked down on the territory when that happened. We still manage to get through to a few people through whatsapp. The kashmira has become a prison right now because in business and you don't have holidays don't have water gets. You don't have hospitals. You don't have anywhere to go. I have never seen such a worse clamp down on media. People do not have any means to communicate with each other on phone today after thirty one days. India apparently is relaxing some of the restrictions on kashmir according to the the indian government many phone lines are back up. Most schools have reopened but many kashmir is argue that things are still far from normal by sochi. Shastri is with the asia-pacific civic program at the think tank chatham house so this all started on august fifth when article three seventy was i revoked by the indian government what's happened in kashmir cincinnati cincinnati sookie. It'd be useful to look at this in terms of what has not happened..

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