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Investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most in more than two decades mayor kisha lance bottoms has referred to the spike in violence as a cova crimewave. But the city's death toll continues to mount is more georgians get vaccinated in life. Richard storable as of june atlanta's murders are up and shootings have increased by forty percent. According to the latest data. Meanwhile overall arrests are down by about forty three percent as atlanta's police force remains more than four hundred officers under its authorized level. More than two hundred officers quit. The forest in two thousand twenty mini after criminal charges were filed against too involved in the deadly shooting of rayshard brooks and other officers used their tasers onto college students relaxed. Summer's protests in downtown atlanta. Another seventy five atlanta. Police officers have left since the start of the year. Records show but department leaders say morale is stabilized and they plan to hire two hundred fifty new officers in the next fiscal year. Beginning july. first. Dr karen sullivan fulton counties chief. Medical examiner said her office conducts death examinations from cities across fulton county. But most of the homicide victims they encounter are killed in atlanta anecdotally. It seems as though the complexity of the homicides is increasing years ago the vast majority of homicide cases gunshot wounds were one maybe two rarely three gunshot wounds. Now it's common for people to have been shot ten or twelve times. She said family members often have questions about how their loved ones die including how long it took them to succumb to their injuries. And whether they suffered we feel. Our job is important because not only are we determining cause and manner of death but we're able to talk to the descendants families about what happened to them being able to give people some bit of closures us while any homicide is tragic sullivan said it can be especially difficult with the victim of someone young. So many of our deaths are unnecessary. The number of killings investigated by the medical examiner's office each your rose gradually between two thousand seven two thousand nineteen but there was a sharp increase. Starting last summer data showed the number of homicides in the county fulton county jumped from one hundred eighty three in two thousand nine hundred to two hundred fifty five last year. An increase in nearly forty percent. Kisha lance bottoms is now mayor rock bottoms. I mean we have hit rock bottom in the atlanta area but this is a national story. It's not a local story. This is happening around the country In new york city alexandria. Ocasio cortez is now endorsing for mayor. A candidate who has doubled down on defunding the police even as right now of the The crime is the number one issue for voters in new york. City crime has now taken precedence over the virus vaccine in new york city.

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