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And this would put you on the map, it don't get me wrong. Just came over to tough guys on. Fortunately, not a lot of guys know those guys besides the people that are like the die hards like us. We know those guys are the average fans all I know that cowboy guys wacky or whatever they they like him they they know him. So I mean how. That for the motivation for his any different each fight is the biggest fight of your life. But this is feeling different. Finding a guy with this recognition marriage, exciting thrilling, there's nothing more to it. You know, people keep asking me about about the about the name. And I keep saying I don't give a shit about his name or the promotion, the venue the city. No disrespect, of course, New York and Brooklyn the credible. But I mean, like, I'm not I'm not building this up in my mind like that. I don't pay attention these guys. I don't I don't watch a lot of footage in my spare time, I don't watch ten fights in my spare time there's a few guys I like to watch and study and any late, and I pay attention my own growth. But if I spent all this time doing on the patch, I've already accomplished shit. He's accomplished. And there would be no space for me to focus on the future. So Cowboys cowboy and I separate that entirely from whatever like image is built up or or you know, the media behind it or all that other shit. You still just a poor sold out STAN across from me in my cage. And so. I'm not worried about I'm not worried about anything that that his title brings to the table. And at the end the day should just another man. Sure. Sure. I think Cowboys just the the range of fighters that he's fought and just little level of experience and the level of competition. He's faced would you say that this is the guy who's probably faced the toughest it has he faced the better fighters of all the guy's face before. Cowboys is is the most dangerous forty five. So yeah, pretty good array of a folks scrap with say, he's probably the most. Well, he's coming. He's coming back though. I mean, he was five and four a welter weight and he's coming back down, and maybe know mentioning fighting Connor maybe if he ever did that he wants to be accustomed to fighting lightweight again. But I wonder if he's coming down because he just was not not enjoying being hit by guys that size will this way cut at this point have any kind of an effect on because you're you're obviously such a fast fighter in your move soil. You know? I don't know it seems like he's he's almost temperamental in his decisions. You know? And he's always looking for for an escape, it seems you know, things aren't going well from if I let me run a seventy things are going. Well, it seventy on me when get back to fifty five, and I guess things we're going to be finished that big fight Perry. But he's always looking for something else. And against me looking guy with a hundred percent of his focus on one thing in one mission one of one purpose, and I'll be damned if I got a guy who put sixty percent, seventy whatever the hell, it is and the one splits his time because he's seeking out..

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