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This is the middle east peace podcast this is molly livingstone here in jerusalem and of course on the other side of the pond is my co host alex giles how're you doing today there in london i'm holdover moley tell me about it was that a raging night at moi age anything that goes beyond 10 o'clock in the evenings raging it so yeah i went midweek drinking fulfill bad idea where he will young human being young ubogu may i got you covered raw how dare you have very day you you could you could dri give her lawyer and and now i called i told you that so i foods fuzhou will ridley the friend paolo howard guys you will listen to the bulk of lighter yes it went from it thirty it's a bit too early to go home to how comes it's though eleven o'clock also ask crazy kids staying out to allow iaea really living it up and withing noah we get to have this conversation and you get to ask me if i'm out drinking and all of that and yet in some places in the world alcohol is banned noise and vague way moley that is not a good girl smooth and especially banned for women and women aren't allowed to do a lot of things and if you don't know what i'm talking about yet listening to this we're gonna clue you in a chest became a law although the laws not official until june twenty 18 in saudi arabia women will be permitted to drive a car.

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