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Of had this flaky personality. It was kind of a nardo, the kind of guy who'd missed the team bus to practice and things like that. So and then once his career ends, he's bitter about what happened. You know, I didn't get the shot. I should have gotten and Kobe hears this over time. And Kobe looks at his dad and says, I'm not going to be him. I'm not going to let what happened to my dad happened to me. I'm going to redeem the Bryant name when it comes to basketball. So you've got these two forces, right? You've got motivation from talent coming from the dad's side of things. And of course, the experience that comes with having been an NBA player. And you've got the mentality from Pam brine from the mom. And you put those together and I think that's where you get this melding and Kobe of the two. He had it within him, but then he has the environment and the upbringing that it kind of harnesses that desire in the way to make him the greatest player on the planet for a while. I mean, certainly in his work ethic, his dedication, his self discipline when it came to basketball, it seems to me that those are things that he or it's the course correction from Joe Bryant. There is a little bit of a, as you mentioned, dad was kind of flaky. Joe Bryant and his career probably maybe he was the wrong player at the wrong time and he would have been phenomenal in today's NBA as a 6 9 guy who could do it all out on the perimeter. But it seems to me that somewhere in there, Kobe finds a kind of he's got this north star and it drives him and focuses him in a way that maybe his father didn't have. It does go to the extreme. There's another passage again. Like some of these just strike me as, you know, if you want to look at them as, you know, here's a kid who just knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. It's admirable, but it makes me sad to read some of these passages. Who was Kobe Bryant? I'm quoting your writing here. Who was Kobe Bryant during the spring and summer of 1994? He was a kid who had no free time because he wanted no free time. A kid who played in at least 6 basketball leagues in at least two basketball camps and traveled the east coast for AAU tournaments and it goes on to a few other details because there's more and more and then it finally ends with he was a kid obsessed..

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