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Was That's not true German. He's dead. No straws dead. Otherwise he'd still been sitting there propped up. But exactly, uh, Was he calling for? It? Was he caught it? Was he calling for the No, I don't evaluation. No, he was I think he wants is running for re election. And he's 85 issue, so I'm sort of thinking. Is it bad to have If you're leading the free world, and you're a certain age shouldn't I see nothing wrong with going through a mental evaluation. Yeah, I'm with you. I mean, but but we didn't say that when they were calling for one of Donald Trump. Then it should happen during the primaries. You almost, you know well, and that's what we didn't have. You know, He stayed in the basement the whole time. Uh And I remember talking. I don't remember talking about Trump will We never said it was sorry. At least I think I never I hope I didn't say I was against it. Because I think idea. This is one of those things where you know it makes the difference. Republican or democratic to the age thing. Sure, And maybe you just kind of need to have a little recap. A mental recap of where you stand and see nothing wrong with that. I do have a couple of seconds here for you. Maybe if you want to hear it. How If you're black got them. $1.9 trillion relief so far. They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for childcare. I wrote the bill. On the environment. Why would I not be for it? I said, yeah, Pay them more. This is an employees. Employees bargaining chip now Okay? So we're what? Whatever. Just bizarre. Yeah. He was talking about restaurant employees, Their employees. Employers, more money. Pay your restaurant employees more. He doesn't understand how economics works. Apparently, Yeah, I guess so. So he He could. Let's keep giving the money so you can depend on the government restaurants can't keep up with what the government's gonna pay them. That's working well right now. Good rush wrote the bill. I don't know A cognitive test might be called for after that press conference. Yes, traffic right now. Here's Monica. There's a big wreck. Dallas stop it. What? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I was waiting. I really thought Brian was going to play the sound bite from the sixth century goes, I see dead people. Exactly a little disappointed. You didn't Yeah. 30 eastbound at East Grand. It looks like only one lane getting by for that crash. Solid laser through the canyon back beyond I 35 at this point, you still have roadwork upside down. 3 60 Brown Boulevard is moved down toward I 30 looks like only the left lane gets by Still there. 30 West founder Riverside in Fort Worth, Right, lane is blocked off. We are seeing a little bit of a backup behind him. What W b a p first traffic on the ones I'm Monte cook Brought to you by your Dallas injury. Attorney. 8447670000 Car accident uber or lift accident If you're injured, call 84476700008447670000. No win. No fee. Goldschmidt Vittoriano and she noodle offer. And Martin in the W B A P. Weather center. Things look pretty humid. For the next few days. We are going to get rid of the mid nineties. But we're going to be in the upper eighties going to feel like the mid.

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