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The impact of the storm. We're gonna be felt all around President Ahn virus desperate were lower than the world lower than the lower than Europe Video from George Floyd, killing the encounter on the officer's perspective. Good morning. I'm Steve K Thin with the CBS World News Roundup. Hurricane Zaius came ashore near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina with top winds of 85 miles an hour, leaving flooding and power outages in its wake. April Wilson saw one of the many house fires that broke out. You have to kind of question and I really seeing what I'm seeing because it was just against the night sky. Flames were just coming through the roof, top of it and The wind was whipping so many directions. It's now a tropical storm that will affect the East Coast All day. CBS a chip Reid is along the Virginia coast was a Category one hurricane as it made its presence known off the coast of South Carolina overnight. Bringing powerful storm surge. Flash flooding and property damage Just hours later turned upward and made landfall in North Carolina, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power, rushing water, overtook roads and trapped cars. Strong winds also reportedly spawned several tornadoes in North Carolina and at least one touchdown in Virginia in Sea Isle City. The New Jersey This business owner shut things down for the day. With the storm approaching the way things were going here in the way business is losing a Tuesday a year ago would have been like, Okay, we get it Tuesday. Well, now it's even help goes on really were not gonna open the U. N. Says the Corona virus.

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