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Town in west, Texas. Jeffrey Brown has this encore report from our American creators series. Welcome to Marfa Texas dusty ranch surrounding tiny rural town near the Mexican border. And internationally renowned art mecca. It sometimes weird often wonderful definitely far off the beaten path some three hours from the nearest major airport. You can get from New York to Paris seated and eating dinner faster than you can get from New York tomorrow. So you got gotta make the commitment to come here. Jenny more is director of the Tanada foundation. A sprawling museum created from an old army fort on three hundred and forty acres. You have time here you're aware of the passage of time by the sun ARCHE across the sky. You don't get that in a lot of places Gianotti and the whole Martha phenomenon grew with the arrival here in the nineteen seventies of artists Donald Judd leading figure in what became known as minimalism art stripped down to basic forms Jodoin and out of what he saw as the stifling New York art scene as he explained in one thousand nine hundred eighty three news hour interview for many years, I've been looking for empty land that had not been damaged or destroyed and have too many people. And I finally realized that there's a large space in west, Texas, that's base and the landscape itself would become the inspiration and home to large works by Judd and other no. Artists including Robert Irwin. And Dan Flavin. John also bought up once grand buildings in downtown Marfa vestiges of an earlier boom era for the town when ranching and agriculture thrived, these two became work exhibition and living spaces all part of a vision that artists could create their own world. Judge daughter Rainer he felt very strongly that the idea of seeing one artists single work makes it hard to comprehend. What Ernest is working on our thinking about you actually need to see art? In multiples in a great number of works in one space Rayner and her brother flavor now had the judge foundation which oversees their father's work and legacy is idea was it when you want to know about art of that time of his time, then you can actually come tomorrow and see his work in a situation that he wanted seen Donald Judd died in nineteen Ninety-four his vision grew into something. He might not recognize anew Marfa. As artists and nonprofits.

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