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And you know he had his e twenty eight. He always had new cars always had new stereos. His mother got fucking fat ugly, and is he had his aunt that was a half a Momo she had had like her nervous breakdown. She didn't go to work or some shit. Yeah, she just sat the kitchen and what game shows day with fucking teat. So I became fradulent through other friends and one of the guys that adopted me Mike runny lit him up on one night when they tried to be a tough guy when Mike Anise around gotta be tough guy with and might let him up at the park on fifty. First report bloodied his face was he broke his nose. Yeah, with blood everywhere. So he always knew I was mice Goumba. So he was always kind of standoffish with me. I am. I might see him say Hello. He was carries mice, bro. And you can't tell me a story about might require you can't come to me anything about Mike is I'll smack you. So me and him became kind of friends and we will take rides. They will all scant go into the city. They were reefa heads show. I would say, I'll take you to the spot. My fee was a bag to drive them. They would drive and I would get out of the car, walk into the smart, get the reform and get back in the clone Gilbertson little the day. Now I would take out of that bag. I was working today. I knew the guys in the Bodega they would take care of me by by so. You know, I, I kinda liked him, but he still wasn't one of my favorites. And one night when I was in Junie or the beginning of my senior year, I saw him out one night and he goes getting the car. You wanna take a ride with us was smoking pot.

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