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Fifty at NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, our top stories and Scott county, Indiana, where Charlestown police officers dead after a two county. Chase state police say the Charlestown officer Benton Bertram was trying to stop thirty five year old Benjamin needs a freedom Indiana for a traffic violation. He ran leading officers through Charlestown in Scott county. That's w okay wise and Boden is telling us that chase ended for the officer at the intersection of state, roads three and fifty six. As they were involved in that pursuit jumps the road and came in front of a home where there was a tree that is where the officer's car that three causing fatal injuries. The suspect. However, did not hit the tree within the yard of that house turned around and continued and fled the scene since that time Benjamin, ease, however has been ascertained by police he is in custody and the officer, of course, officer Bertram lost his life aids is facing felony charges in both Clark, and Scott counties. He's being held in the Scott county jail. It's seven thirty three it NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S back in lieu of all the suspect involved in a controversial traffic stop at a west Louisville. Kroger facing a judge on Wednesday. Suzanne Duval following that story. Thirty two year old Jared ransom pleaded not guilty to charges of resisting arrest possession of a controlled substance, tampering and excessive window tinting. Cellphone video. Shows the end of the traffic stop Sunday when an officer pulled ransom out of his car and punched him several times at the arraignment ransoms attorney rob Eggert argued for the videos release. Here's.

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