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That game on the top of the fourth from Blacksburg this is game three of the best of three series Jay Brooks WTO sports Now looking at the top stories we're following for you this afternoon here on WTO lawmakers in the Senate say that they haven't agreements on new potential gun laws The framework calling for improving background checks and providing incentives for more states to pass red flag laws that follows a number of mass shootings including the massacres in Buffalo and uvalde Texas The average price of gas now over $5 a gallon triple-A saying it's now 5 O one a gallon on average around the country Members of the white supremacist group patriot front were arrested in Idaho over the weekend police and cordola Idaho saying more than 30 armed people went to a pride parade intending to spark a riot Say what WTO for more on these stories in the minutes ahead The Latin county sheriff's office looking for whoever shot three people in Sterling last night This was around 7 30 p.m. on north fillmore avenue and Fletcher road a residential area near Sterling boulevard the sheriff's office says a woman was hospitalized with serious injuries while two others were treated with minor injuries all three victims now recovering at home So far no arrests have been made Two 18 traffic and weather on the 8s let's go to Rick McClure in the WTO traffic center All right John let's go to the beltway still moving without an issue for the most part with a few volume slow spots in various stretches on the outer loop through landover and Silver Spring and off and on the Virginia side between the toll road and legion bridge Just volume only at this point I two 70 south near I three 70 watch for police responding to a crash along the left side BMW Parkway was heavy along the northbound side through green belt and slow along the southbound side off and on through Laurel and that's it for the beat up I 95 through prince Georges and Howard county's doing well wrote 50 doing well both inside and outside the beltway but volume along both sides of the bay bridge heavy long eastbound side from cape saint Clair to the tolls and beyond on the eastbound band where there's a swimming event that's happened near the span drawing lots of attention The westbound science slowing across Kent island to about mid span no issues in either direction along the bay bridge three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay set over to Virginia where I was crash cleanup activity going on eastbound on 66 where it's volume heavy through merryfield tour the beltway ramps at the crash clean up that has the right side taken away All right 95 volume along the southbound side no change after more than three parts of woodbridge and through Dale City and dumfries And northbound two and through parts of spots of any French bird and found that's it for the Virginia side of I 95 and through the district volume heaviest along the westbound side of the freeway off and on from the third street tunnel toward main avenue no issues reported Your bus or train ride has never been safer thanks to nova's public transportation providers We're taking the stress out of commuting so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride Rediscover your ride at nova rides dot org Rick McClure WTO traffic Storm team four meteorologist Steve friends and Val it's all nice and quiet here for now Heck keywords for now John you got it Yeah And also we're seeing a little bit of sunshine John and Friends sneaking.

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