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Today at crtv dot com here and I'll start with you. Yeah, boy, nothing happened. I really hate these slow news weekends they are. They make my job really hard. And of course, that's really all that I care about is just whether or not my job is easier or hard, and there was just really nothing that happened over the weekend. There was not, You you know, know. at least at least on the slowest weekends, somebody like Michael Nettie is out there doing preposterous and saying preposterous things, but you know. You know, we can always at least last week after the Democrats overreached. Finally, at the end of the whole Cavanaugh is a sexual predator thing. So there was really nothing to talk about on the day's show. I don't know why you would ever wanna watch and Steve didn't even rant at the end of the at the end of the show. So you know, not. I'm sorry. I got nothing. Chris Penn doll, our buddy from crtv. ESTES asked me via Twitter. What happens when everyone is the dumbest last loses. Is that how the big bang we're talking the singularity or something like that because that's what this call Gillian dialect. That's what it's called. I could only hope for that brother. That's what it feels like trying to Wade through what happens this weekend. It is. I don't know what I'm stir fire isn't good enough anymore. What, what? What Meam what gif will sum up the total colossal failure of humanity. That is this weekend. The flood. Smart. This is babble. This is this is babble. That's what I said last week, I, I made a transition this weekend from it really happened on Friday night. What are Senator Grassley pulled on Friday night is where I made. I made the transition from. I don't even like this judge. I don't think he was a good appointment, but I don't think anybody regardless of their politics should be characterists acid to. What a complete and total circus. Yeah. Did they are? They are that the Republican party is permitting and I don't even like the judge and I am furious watching it and that that notion just grew more and more continues as we are taping this, it emerged on the television show today. There is a level of duplicity in stupidity here. Some of which were about to get to because we couldn't get everything on the TV show today. And we saved a couple for angles of this for the podcast, but there's a level of stupidity and duplicity happening here that. Homeo- play that I the dude cannot abide. The dude cannot abide a couple of these things, so we'll get to those in a moment..

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