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Paddock was walking at boston wbz's lana jones here now on the rings central news line and water local officials as saying about this lanna awoken to boston police tell me that they are aware of media reports that patrick head research sites in boston he says that they're working with local and federal law enforcement partners here and in las vegas to try to patch this altogether kenda we know the the ah investigators have been looking into olive paddocks electronics all of his communications in what not and there seem to be indications coming out of las vegas today that he was looking at sites at several cities across the united states when in particular in chicago where i guess it even booked a hotel near the lulla palooza concert in chicago this past summer but was in no show and and there is no indicator shen no indication at this point that patrick ever visited boston but boston has apparently turned up in the investigation and were waiting to see hopefully later this afternoon up from investigators in las vegas just to what other sites he was looney said the law enforcement officials are aware of these reports that the governor was asked about it governor was asked about it he says if they are in constant contact with the fusion senate us the joint terrorism task force boston local police state police they share information all the time there's no indication of any threat here and and and they're keeping tabs on on now what is being learned about steven paddock or at the very latest on this breaking story leonard thank you very much well.

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