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Spoiled us into thinking that that was just a regular thing to expect from him when in reality it was a real herculean effort from him and especially with the volume of games they were playing. I mean, to the point where he finally broke down at the end of the season and got hurt and visit their playoff series against Colorado is already started, I believe, ten of their 13 games this season so far. So there's that and then offensively, I think you're almost understating what an aberration last year it was. Yeah. They never had a 35 goal or 90 point player in franchise history prior to last season. And then Matt duchene scores 43 goals. Philip forsberg scores 42 goals. Roman yossi hits 96 points. And if you look at the shooting percentages of all those players, both on ice shooting percentage and individual, and they were through the roof. I mean, Brian Johansson 22%, ten or 19.4. Duchenne and forsberg both just under 19. And I think maybe the thing I mistakenly gloss over in my expectations and I was like, all right, well, they can just repeat what they did last year was kind of expecting that to happen again because that seems like that was probably the best case scenario for pretty much every one of those players. Yeah. For sure. No. And so like I said, just the idea that, well, you know, they can be around the playoffs again. It's like no, again, they barely made it. And all that stuff went right for them. So the idea that you would add. McDonough and neater writer, again, both players I like. And go, oh, they can maybe even take a step. It's like, no, they can maybe get back to where they were because they added those plans. And obviously, it's not happening happening for them so far. So here's the thing. Even beyond this season, they have $56 million in cap commitments.

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