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Speedway. It was career win number one. And earlier today he stopped by the Marin studios in spoke with our Woody Cain, first of all, congratulations. And you're still grinning from Iran ear and I don't blame you. Yes, sir. No, it was incredible weekend. No sleep since the Cup race except a little bit on the flight home got work to demand. We've got Richmond coming up and you will be in the forty two car from Ganassi for the final time this year. Is that right? That's right. Yup. Our first race of the playoffs will be final time in the forty two car with DC solar colors on it. And in the back in the four car for you know, to finish out the year and see how far we can go in the playoffs before we talk about what's to come. Let's talk about what just happened. You had a great run going at Darlington get tangled up with Kevin Harvick, but boy, suddenly. The the the country has discovered Ross Chastain and watermelons all of a sudden, then you go out to Las Vegas and have a just a great scrap with a handful of different drivers at different times and win that race and Busta watermelon on the start finish line. Tell me how you got from point a to point b because a lot of folks have seen you in the four car and then suddenly you're gonna get nasty car and win the what, what happened there? How did that start? How did that work? Yes. So it's it's crazy, but it's really just the product of being out there and racing in the four car for four years now and Jeff Karpov DC solar saw that and just started paying attention and asking around, and then you know a mutual group that works with them and and you know, I was friends with, I would drive their motorhome to the race track and stuff. What you drive motor coaches to Yemen? I'll do anything. And then I just, I just tow my truck behind it is that way I have wheels when I get there and they have their coach for all their stuff, but he asked them and so they started looking at it and then a CDR had three, these three races open. And I guess my name was on a list of guys to look at and we were the last one on the list in the day. So it came together pretty last minute, you know, not not. It was less than a month before the first race, so not much time to prepare physically or mentally, honestly, to try to embrace it. Scary. Yeah, and I'm probably actually happy. It was lit less time because I have psyched myself out pretty easy. So but went full bore in with was CGIAR, Josh wise and everybody over there. And there's a lot of people behind the scenes. Obviously, I an an organization like that. Has that much infrastructure in that many people that have done this like they've been in racing longer than I've been alive. So. Just using all their all their information. They have anything that they think I might know. I asked him three times just to try to learn as much as I can you. And I talked several years ago and you were talking about, you know, your watermelon farming background and how you were kind of leveraging that to help you get behind the wheel and keep you there. And that's why this to me, this whole thing is so amazing with with these solar because you know how rare is it for a sponsor to say, yeah, come on over. I want that guy. Usually you have to go knock on the doors and that's what you and I talked about for a conversation on one of our podcast series. How rare is that these days? Because normally it means, oh yeah, you can drive my car. You gotta check. Right, right. Yeah. And it's such an odd. It is odd the whole situation because DC solar was already a large partner at CG are nearby Chip Ganassi racing. And they had this car ready in and they needed to fill out these races in DC solar wanted to pick them up. They didn't know who they wanted to drive it. So through I, however, they worked all that out. I was the last guy, but when when they first called me about it, I was like, no way..

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