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Know anything about this ukrainian dnc connection i know all that much like you i don't were behind enormity about all manafort on in part behind or firing from the trump campaign and your member new york ori about all the yakking and work that manafort hat nick held the caen crane e the paper injury a guy betty crane government i couldn't iran but under yannick noah novak on i am the ukrainian operated relating here but you know and it shocked me here that as i would you know it hurt equi normal for foreign government here on the lobby or one party or the other in america and and happing in every single election are back now i can remember and further back now my memory get but what not normal it for operated crime dental campaign down with the party from foreign government knowing that they're that they're lauding candidate and the open to working with that that is true and that's what brit hume made a great point the other day typically campaigns use cutouts to do this and it appears that the dnc used to cut out of a ukraineamerican to get their information from the ukraine if i understand the story correctly this morning donald trump jr did not use a cut out now i wanna playoff you the same analogy asia used with chuck todd this morning trump administration scandal stories are like summer blockbuster movies some of them open big some of them open in line with expectations some of them flop they all grow or they fade away quickly and close and even the biggest them them only last a few weeks unless there's a sequel next year now there are a different scandals on the table elliott scandals concerning the president there's nothing yet about the president and collusion it might be in production prechristmas we don't know but there's nothing donald trump jr there's emails on jared there's the mcclatchy story about data coordination current aides other than jared nothing zero zip former aides the manafort stone carter page longrunning as chuck todd said it's a hulu series the firing of man a firing of comey was a big break out here but it's over the wall street journal story on the orbit the peter smith effort that's art house theater and then we have the dnc ukraine story which is open very small and limited release we don't know if it's going to go anywhere am.

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