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As optimus primal later in the armada energy on cybercrime cartoons. He was often sprite but here in beast wars he was directed by a Friday to thirteenth alumni. Here's where it gets funny now. He started in a Freddie versus Jason movie in fact the Freddie Versus Jason Jason Movie which came out in two thousand three. He played sheriff. You played the town sheriff. I have his name. My notes are not at hand right now. I'm so sloppy this he played the town's sheriff where the whole Freddie versus Jason Jason Shenanigans is going on. I was prepared to tell you that part. You probably already know that that's another one of those not as pretty well known factoid when it comes to this stuff what I just realized was and I wish out realized that earlier talk of works at my notes a little better Friday the thirteenth part seven was originally intended to be a Freddie versus Jason Movie And in those initial movie you got the aridity. There's the first steps are all the legal ease the script writing studios the back and forth and all that that's going back and forth forever until movie actually starts being worked on okay it was intended to be Freddie versus Jason Movie Terms Cubby met and somehow got made into a teen psychic versus Jason Movie go figure that one of the stars of what was supposed to be the Freddie versus Jason Movie later voice directed a guy who's one of the stars in the actual Freddie versus Jason. Sometimes things just work out in a very funny manner. Don't they now. Here's another bit of comedy about that. In Freddie versus versus Jason. We had a cameo appearance by one actor. Who Do we just had a small. Maybe Cameo appearance. That actor's name is Scott Ward. I know that names not flipping anything off in your head right now now. He's been in a lot of things but I'm GONNA get to white is it's funny how this worked out. Scott Ward had a small cameo role just based on his just based on his nominee as an actor or whatever you know nominee that's not the right word is based small cameo role. He was free for versus versus Jason a few years later. Scott Ward was into transformers two thousand seven movie playing one of the military personnel well. That's pretty cool but why is that so ironic just other than an actor was in a Jason Movie and then later transformers movie like like I said these things happen you know the these voice actors or actors water Aaron million productions and there's probably a ton of 'em. I'm not bringing up right now just because of the fact how things work. I don't know everything who knows maybe some best boy or a boom. MIC operator was on and all of them. You know I don't know but anyway. This guy was in a small cameo role in Freddie versus Jason and then a few years later one to military personnel in the transformers two thousand seven movie but what makes that so funny remember they were how I just said. Gary Chalk was Freddie versus. Jason will years later down the row. Gary Chalk was in a direct. DVD movie sequel to a popular all-time movie now the movie. I'm talking about how is Christmas Carol. Christmas Carol of course is a classic movie Ralphie wanting to Red Ryder. Bb Gun for Christmas and it's actually has other sequels. It's actually part of a series. You could google that if you like. I'M NOT GONNA get into all of it. Well there was a direct the DVD's sequel movie not tied into the original source material aside from Christmas story address. You know Christmas story part two would ralphie being older teenager wanting a car for Christmas. That's and to draw comparisons to the original movie. He has a Christmas break job working as an Elf for the Mall Santa. We all remember to Santa Cena Christmas story so Gary Chalk Place Senate that now why is that so ironic and funny. Will you see Zack Ward. Guy Was just mentioning he you Scott Farkas in the original Christmas story. You know the bully who was like terrorizing them in Ralphie. beat the crap out of that guy he was afraid versus Jason he was in transformers and he was Christmas story. That's weird. That's just kind of weird. How these things work out isn't it now it just kind of ironic due to away. These things work out. That was weird to me. I was just like I. I didn't even mean to do that. One what was going on was I was just kind of glancing over some of these things and I was looking at Gerry chalks character on the cast list and I said to myself hey that guy looks familiar because what I was going to do. I I made notes for this episode that like right now. I can't find and it was basically the sheriff's last. I don't think it Sheriff Marshall Who Gary Chalk Plate and I saw the scots like hey he looked familiar and clicked and they're one of the listings was transformer and riot top with Scott Fergus so that was an accidental one right there at all making notes for I didn't make the most comprehensive of notes best trying to get some of them and that was one of them now to end this one out. I'm going to talk about probably the most direct crossover and a real reason. I was clicking transfers two thousand seven listing because I wanted to get the characters name right see the transfers two thousand seven movie character named Trent DeMarco played by sure hold on one second. Pardon me I had a coughing fit for some reason those allergies won't Act Otamendi hit record the Trent demarco was played by Travis Van Winkle indie original coach transports two thousand seven movie. That was one of the reasons I was looking at the two thousand seven cast-list now the transformers two thousand seven movie is a production of platinum dunes entertainment platinum dunes is a production company owned by Michael Bay who made the transformers two thousand seven movie. He may also the Friday the thirteenth two thousand nine remake and two thousand ten nightmare on ELM street remake once again having and Freddy and Jason here in the same discussion but that's okay because it's the same. It's the same a chronological. It's the same cannon it's the same series series just a different bad guy in different parts of the world much like Captain America has to do with Red Skull and iron man had to deal with ironmonger in monger Freddy and Jason Exist in the same fictional setting okay before I get more into Travis Demarco Marco until you guys a funny story. I found out years ago that nightmare ELM street two thousand ten remake. Make didn't have Robert England playing Freddie Krueger as normally you know he's getting a little older they decided to recast them and they picked Jackie Jackie Earle Haley who you guys probably best know from Oh my Lord Africa the movie. The from the watchman will Jackie Earle Haley Played Freddy Kruger earlier in the eighties in the original dime round street. One of the stars was Johnny Depp Well. This is a funny story. Johnny Depp didn't intend tend to be in the movie he had went with his roommate too. The try-outs whose remit was an actor too and his roommate was trying out for the movie. The directors liked Johnny so much. They talked him into trying out and he got a role. We know who's roommate was Jackie Earle Haley who played for a cruiser in the two thousand ten roommate so just by the way a pure luck would have it. The Guy Tried out for the original movie as a teenager to be one two teenage characters and then later was in the reboot as the main bad guy. It's funny how these things work out but it's super funny how these things worked out have is pointed out earlier with Sue Blue Gary Chalk and Scott Farkas you hear see Michael Bay produced a course the the bulk of the live action transformers movies. I I think he just has his name on the credits for the bumblebee movie as part of a contractor whatever I don't know how much he had to do without one liquids Michael Bay his producer third rector records the live action movies his Phillips one of his little studios makes these are remakes they made the Texas chainsaw massacre remake and the Jason remaking all countries mentioned big whoop right. That's just you know. The Guy Likes to make money. Obviously who cares right well that Travis Van Winkle Mhm who was in two thousand seven transformers movie playing Trent DeMarco. If you guys don't remember well you guys remember the jerk in high school that was made to Sheila booth the Megan Fox's original boyfriend or I guess she was hanging around him. She might not have been his girlfriend a friend but she sure was pretty much paired up with him. At the beginning you know he was picking on Shiloh boo for whatever and she ended up leaving her to write off a Shiloh booth hair at that cool all seen and all you got. You got showed up their full that guy the jerk bully cool guy character. Trent DEMARCO. That was the characters name. Why am I pointing that out in two thousand nine okay two movies came out in two thousand nine. Well a Lotta movies did but in two thousand nine the Friday the thirteenth remake came out and then revenge of the fallen transformers partout came out later that summer in fact while you're watching into Friday the thirteenth into theater you likely saw a trailer for revenge fallen I know I did. That's just the way movies work of course will hey. Michael Bay directed one one of his production companies and then later his production company and did you guys notice if your ear nose in the transformers movies a lot of the side characters don't come back. You know it's Shiloh booths friend part one. It wasn't impart to his friend for part. Two was an import three very shallow buffet. Does an empire for you know that sort of thing you know. Megan Fox just vanished and part part three. You know these are things the we've all all discussed the movies rather all these things about the moves. I'm not gonNA say faults just enough people that said already will the trend. DEMARCO guy sure didn't show back up and rented a fallen diddy. Trent DeMarco Travis Van Winkle played the character of Trent demarco and fry thirteen two thousand nine. He played the exact same character who spoiler. It's a decade year old movie got murdered erred so the at least. DEF- reboot Friday the thirteenth from two thousand nine is in the same actual capacity the of the live action movies he played the same guy wasn't just the same actor. He played the same guy. Now I know some you could point will will. There's nothing solid concrete shut up Trenton. Tomorrow was killed by Jason after being a jerk Sheila booth he made fun of Bumblebee and Jason Killed Him that had happened so that's the most concrete Friday thirteen ain't crossover being that in a semi sort of way the move some of the movies are connected funny now. It's not concrete. I know it's just could have been just the they're like hey he's in this movie to listening his character that he played the same ain't sort of upper-class popular kid you know they obviously they just did it for Ngok. Whatever but dude the guy who was a jerk. Trent demarco totally got murdered by chason before part to ever happened..

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