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Help you there your lawn your garden we talked to we talked a lot about grilling matter of fact tomorrow morning on channel third there's a throwdown there is a little yeah we're having we're having honey cashew now you've got food on your shoes down between the charcoal grill offers and the gas drillers any fistfights not at all tomorrow morning it's going to be mainly grill safety now here's some kind of interesting i was watching the today show on nbc this morning and they were doing some of the same information about one the number one things if you don't hear anything else never light a gas grill with the hood down you always have the lid up no kin always really obviously because proteins a heavier than air gas and it pulls down there all right they so what they did is they set up a couple of tests where they they started a grill and then ignited it with the grill and it just blows out the doors and really really can cause some cereal they did this as a demonstration yes yes you did that on chided i know i was watching that kind of budget our budget for our channel thirteen segments are just five dollars and forty cents that's just on the today show but here's the interesting thing that when they were doing this they had that grill and denny i am not lying six inches away from the house people you should never have real if you're if you're lighting a grill you should try to have every bit of thirty six inches she we have to share and now you have to show id to bioweapon shouldn't they have to show id to buy grass grill or at least i don't know what state i don't know that's how they're doing this demonstration mean the fire department was there conducting it but i'm taking you know good safety tip there is making sure your grill is sufficient away from sufficient distance from the house like to us thirty six inches yeah it's fine to store it there but when you're using it just pull it out a little bit you know anything that we always say how far should your conditioner be from the house we would say thirty six inches that's funny think about things that should not be next to the house your condition you gotta get airflow otherwise in speaking of which now remember your your air conditioners right now are absolutely maxed out there running flat out like lizard drinking they can't get any more btu cooling into so what can a homeowner due to just hedge their bet wasn't call thing all right so i would shut the curtains that's number one keep the solar out the other thing is you can go out with your garden hose and you can actually cool down your outside coil with just a little missed of a spray shoot from the inside you may still have cottonwoods stuck if you haven't been out and looked but giving but it's an it's an air cooling system on the outside and since it's ninety eight degrees right and what about filters how often filters handy i know it depends on the media i would see at least quarterly if you've got two inch media you might be go every four months and if you have the great big four inches or six inch you know the air bears or the the big media you could probably go six months i will tell you though if you're using those one inch electrostatic charge three m filters those things are so officiant they suck in so much turt which is great but if you forget to change it you're going to have problems so check the filter i remember two three nine ninety three ninety three coming right back with more from indie metro airport its wings over indy goes today till five o'clock some morrow nine to five ninetythree wibc.

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