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Redondo. Narseal was broken, and it's like dicks extinguished. And it is not yet been forged again. Fruitless. Did I call the victory of the last alliance? Not wholly so, yet. It did not achieve its end Sarah and was diminished but not destroyed. His ring was lost, but not unmade. The dark tower was broken, but its foundations were not removed for they were made with the power of the ring. And while it remains they will endure. Many elves and many mighty men and many of their friends had perished in the war, and Arianna slain and his shoulder was slain and go. Gallatin El Indio one tomorrow. Never again Shall there be any such league of elves and men for men multiply in the firstborn decrease in the two kindred for estranged And ever since that day, the race of numenor has decayed in the span of their years has lessened. In the north. After the war and the slaughter of the gladden fields, the men of Westerners were diminished. In the city of the Newman house. Besides, like evidence fell into ruin, and the heirs of El Lindo removed and dwelt it for most on the high North downs, and that now too, is desolate. Then call it dead man's dyke, and they fear to tread there. For the folk of our nor dwindled and their foes devoured them and their lordship past, leaving only green mound in the grassy hills. In the south, the realm of Gondor long endured and for a while its splendor grew recalling somewhat of the mind of Numenor Eric Film. High towers that people build and strong places and havens of many ships. And the wing it crown of the Kings of men was held in all by folk of many tones. Their chief city was as Gillian's citadel of the stars to the midst of which the river flowed. And Minister Phil They built tower with rising moon eastward upon a shoulder of the mountain of shadow and westward at the feet of the White Mountains in a sane are they made Tower of the setting sun. They're in the courts of the King grew white tree from the seed of that tree, which is filled of brought over the deep waters. In the seat of that tree before came from Marissa. And before that, out of the uttermost west in the day before days when the world was young. But in the wearing of the swift years of middle Earth Line. Mentality all Senate and Ari and failed in the tree withered in the blood of the Newman orients became mingled with out of lesser man in the watch upon the walls of Mordor slept. And dark things Cook back to guard her off. And on a time evil things came forth and they took minutes, Ethel and a boat in it. They made it into a place of tread. It is called minutes. Margo the Tower of sorcery. Administration are was named a new, meanest tariff, the Tower of guard and these two cities where Everett war But as Gillian's, which lay between was deserted, and in its ruin, shadows walked So it had been for many lives of men. The Lords of Minister of Still Fight on to find our enemies, keeping the passage of the river from Argonauts to the sea. And now that part of the tale that I shall tell is drawing to its close. In the days of a solder. The ruling ring passed out of all knowledge, and the three were released from its Dominion. Now in this latter day there are in peril. Once more to our sorrow. The one has been found. Other shall speak of its funding for in that I played small part. He seized but it once for a mere stood up tall and proud before them. Give me leave. Master Oram said he first two same or of Gonder. For Verily from the land of Gondor. I am come And it would be well for all to know what passes there for few I deem know of our deeds and therefore guessed little of our peril. If we should fail at last Leave. Not that in the land, Gonder..

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